If you can dream it, you can make it.
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Josefinas Audrey
We believe that any dream is possible. And that all extraordinary things start with a dream. We all remember how much we dreamt when we were little girls, how much we envisioned a world where anything is possible, how the world was simple. Why did we grow up and forget all of these possibilities? Why do we limit ourselves? Any woman can be whatever she wants to be! There are no limits. There are no barriers. Those exist only in our minds. Look at all the great women who did so! What about you, do you know that it all starts with a dream?
Handmade with love
Each real pearl is carefully selected and hand-sewn on the golden embroidery that embellishes this pair of black Josefinas. Josefinas Audrey is handmade by master shoemakers, that take time to craft the perfect pair of shoes. Because beautiful things take time to blossom, Josefinas Audrey will take 4 weeks to be crafted just for you.
Time creates extraordinary things.