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Summer calling ❤️ (📷 @orquidea_santos) #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman #YouCanLeave 💪 #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman Little yellow shoes 💛🥰 (📷 @leandramcohen) #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman Just in 🧡 Josefinas Macau! Special weekend price! #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman We were touched by Dora’s testimony, mother to little Laura, who just received her 'You Can Leave Collections' t-shirt. We hope that this moment brings new meaning to your day, just as it has brought to ours. “I received my t-shirt yesterday. But even more fantastic than that was the conversation I had with my 4 year-old daughter who was home when I received it:
- Laura: Mommy, why does she look ugly?
- Me: Because someone hit her, Laura.
- Laura: Someone hit her?
- Me: Yes, Laura. When you’re older and you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, don’t let them hurt you. No one has that right.
- Laura: Hmmm... OK!
Today, Laura asked me to wear the t-shirt to take her to kindergarten, the ‘t-shirt with the boo-boo woman’.” For each t-shirt sold, we help women victims of domestic violence through @brookeaxtell and @apav_online 💪 #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman #YouCanLeave Matchy matchy 💛🐶 (📷 @honeyidressedthepug) #josefinasportugal #ProudToBeAWoman