10 Moms who love their Josefinas

We believe that comfort is not the opposite of elegance and that being a mother does not mean we must stop having our self-care time. We believe it's possible to look beautiful and elegant in flats (it's not easy to wear high heels in the rush of the day with the kids, right?) – fortunately, there are many mothers who agree with us.

In this article, we highlight the looks of 10 mothers who love their Josefinas:

Mafalda Sampaio with Josefinas Stay Pawsitive.


Patrícia Chang with Josefinas 252.


Mia Rose with Josefinas Stand in Your Light.


Joy Green and Kai with Josefinas Louise Pink with Hazel Cat.


Sofia Gouveia and Suri with Josefinas Louise Pink with Sky Blue Fur.


Inês Mocho and Leonor with Josefinas Delicate Rose.


Leandra Medine with Josefinas Mo.


Chiara Ferragni with Josefinas Rose Couture.


Aya Kanai with Josefinas Red Lisbon.


Louise Roe with Josefinas Cleopatra CrocBlack.

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