5 books about domestic violence

Talking about domestic violence isn’t easy. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re discussing the subject, even if you aren’t the victim. It’s something that needs to be spoken about! Loudly! Let’s end this reality.
Take a look at the 5 books we selected about domestic violence and feel the power of the words inside them!

1.Getting Free: You Can End Abuse and Take Back Your Life

Ginny NiCarthy wrote about domestic violence in an accessible manner, with all the information you need to know about the subject. It’s updated with the latest studies in the field regarding batterers’ treatment and child abuse. Above all, this book gives women answers and exercises to help them recognize abuse. And, of course, success stories!
Get free and leave! You can do it!

2. Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

“He says he loves you. So...why does he do that?” It’s a common question that remains, sometimes unanswered. But Lundy Bancroft makes some points about it, like the early warning signs of abuse, the role of drugs and alcohol and how to get out of an abusive relationship safely. It was considered the most informative and useful book ever written on the subject of abusive men.

3. Surviving Domestic Violence: Voices of Women Who Broke Free

Twelve women. Twelve inspiring stories. Twelve fierce women. Elaine Weiss talks about 12 lives that changed for good when 12 women left their partners with no regrets. Women who are victims will find encouragement and, above all, hope, in the words of these 12 women.

4. It's My Life Now

Let’s start by: leaving is not the end. It’s sad but true. But it’s a start, it’s the beginning of the healing and recovery process towards happiness! Meg Kennedy & Roger R. Hock write about this and give guidance to the readers, along with the psychological awareness that victims need to heal after leaving their partners.

5. When Dad Hurts Mom

“Can my partner abuse me and still be a good parent?” This and other questions are asked by moms who are in pain, questioning their parenting as victims. Lundy Bancroft answers these questions and helps brave moms talk to their kids, protect them and, above all, increase their chances of gaining custody.

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