The 5 perfect Josefinas to gift to a Power Woman

Offering Josefinas is offering meaning in the form of a pair of shoes. Whether it's a Christmas or a Birthday present, or just because… If you are looking for the perfect gift filled with love, offering Josefinas is the perfect way to do so.
These are our 5 suggestions:

1. Josefinas Women for Women – Give even more

If you’re thinking about giving a meaningful present to your friend, and yourself, this is the perfect gift. This edition is available in pairs – one pair is for you and the other is for your best friend. Together they make a perfect friend circle. By buying these shoes, you are contributing to helping other women in war and post-war countries. Together, we can really make the difference.
More info at: Josefinas Women for Women

2. Josefinas Suffragist – A present full of history

Feminine and full of meaning, the Suffragist edition symbolizes that we should never forget the women that fought for equality, and for the right to vote for all other women.
This is the prefect pair to create a moment full of history and meaning.
More info at: Josefinas Suffragist

3. Josefinas Power Woman – Gift Power

Apart from being a pair of shoes created to the image of pride in being a woman, it’s fun, and customizable! This pair is ideal for those who like to give their touch of power.
More info at: Josefinas Power Woman

4. Josefinas Pink Power – The power of pink

Pink is not, at all, associated with fragility, but rather with power. Great women inspired this edition of ballet flats in several shades of pink. The most important here is getting the right shade : )
More info at: Josefinas Pink Power

5. Josefinas Dragon Lady – Say no to silence

A powerful embroidery, a perfect asymmetry. This pair is a homage to all the women in oppressed regimes that were, or are, silenced. They deserve to yell, and deserve a yelling homage. A very powerful gift.
More info at: Josefinas Dragon Lady

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