The 5 perfect Josefinas to use according to your day

Each day is different, and there is nothing better than the versatility of having an accessory, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a bag that we can adapt to our style and even humor. And everything is even better if it is… Josefinas: ) Here, we always work so that whenever you wear Josefinas, you can change an accessory, add a detail, remove another, always according to your mood.
So, here are our 5 styling tips and products that can be changed according to your style or day!

1. Sophie bag with London Strap

The Sophie bag is very practical, made of genuine leather and with a great advantage: in addition to the customization, there are straps that are changeable. In big and small sizes, with different straps and a super customizable bow, it can give your day a funnier or more sober look.
More info at: Josefinas London Strap for Sophie

and Josefinas Sophie Bag

2. Power stickers

The Power Stickers, in addition to having a powerful message, are perfect to give a touch of power to your shoes, suitcases, mobile phone cover, whatever you wish!
More info at: Josefinas Poweer Stickers

3. Thelma or Louise sneakers with Faux Fur

Is it a funnier day? Fur On. Is it a cleaner day? Fur Off. Very easy and practical! The Josefinas Faux Fur accessories for sneakers are removable to use them according to the styling you desire.
More info at: Josefinas Thelma or Louise sneakers with Faux Fur

4. Josefinas Moscow

These iconic ballet flats have the advantage of being able to use the satin ribbon around your leg, or not. In a cooler look, or more basic, they do not go unnoticed, and are certainly an addo on of joy to your day.
More info at: Josefinas Moscow

5. Josefinas 5 Pearls

With or without pearls? It all depends on you, and how you want your look to be created! True pearls to put or remove according to your taste.
More info at: Josefinas 5 Pearls

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