March 8, a day that reminds all women how much we still have to fight to just be women. Not just mothers, not just workforce, not just friends, not just lovers – just… women.

We joined a crowd that shouted: “Why can’t I choose what to do with my body?”; “Why must I be a victim of a war created by men?”; “Why must I earn less than a man who does the same job as me?”; “Why can’t I walk freely on the street without being harassed?”.

The powerful word “Feminism” means the fight for equality. And if so, then why is it seen negatively? The feminist movement began in 1870 with the appeal to women’s right to vote. This fight lasted 50 years. Half a century so that women could vote. Even today, famous war victories accomplished by men are celebrated. But it seems that this feminine fight and conquest was subtly erased through time, with the word “feminist” conveniently given a negative connotation by those who don’t like to recognize equality in the world.

And yes, on this day 8, Josefinas women went on strike and joined the thousands of women around the world that share this mission. On this day, we brought roses to Washington Square in New York, where we marched alongside so many other women. Roses are our flowers, which say so much about us. After all, in Portugal we had a revolution with just flowers. Who else in the world can congratulate themselves for such an achievement?! This is our symbol, this is the symbol of our – and also your – revolution!

We dream that each woman be free to achieve her best and that her history never be erased ever again! History perpetuates the image of the woman, reducing her to just two roles: saints and prostitutes. Enough – the history of woman goes beyond this.

Feminism is a path and we must all walk it together. Why speak ill when we can speak well? Why bring someone down when we can do the opposite? Why not help, when there’s no cost for doing so? Women united shall never be defeated. That must be why it’s dangerous to let us unite, let us think we can win a war, of which the sole purpose is to seek equality.

March 8 was one of the 364 days of the year during which we fight for a world where equality is present, where we must never go on strike again for them to remember that a woman can be anything she wants. The path may be long, but we’ll never give up until we get there!

To you, Josefinas woman, we leave this message: join us in this feminine circle. To this circle, all of you belong.

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