A different day for Samson, the biggest cat in New York

Hello, humans and furry friends. My name is Samson – also known as Catstradamus on social media – and I’m the biggest cat in New York, probably even the world.

What you may not know is that I discovered a beautiful store in New York that you should all know and visit!

It all began on a gorgeous Caturday. Purrr… purrr, purr, purr. What do I feel like doing today? It’s a beautiful day, purrrfect to take a stroll with my dear human. I went to greet him, like I do every morning, and realized we were on the same page when I heard him say we were going out for brunch. Mmmmmm, I could hardly wait!

So on we went from Brooklyn to Manhattan. We had our brunch – I can’t go without a nice dish of fresh tuna – and went on to enjoy the sun through the streets of the Nolita neighborhood.

Puuurrrrrr, such a pleasant breeze and such beautiful trees! I then decided to sit in the shade and rest a little. And then I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: cats! A display with cats right in front of me! I couldn’t hold my purring; I wanted to see it all and find out what wonders that display was hiding!

A magic shoe store – the world of Josefinas! What surprised me the most was Josefinas’ love for cats. I felt truly honored: I met Hazel Cat and Cheshire Cat, fluffy creatures, lots of fur and I even saw a fuzzy S to put in my own suitcase! It had to be the S for Samson.

I explored every corner of that store and, because I love to be photographed – I’m a star, after all – I stretched out in that wonderful couch, almost as soft as me, and let the camera flash freely capture that unique moment. Of course that the Josefinas humans filled me with attention and delicious biscuits, I was treated as I deserve!

One thing I’m sure of, I will never forget the beauty of Josefinas and this sensorrrrrry experience.

josefinas_nyc_samson josefinas_nyc_samson josefinas_nyc_samson josefinas_nyc_samson josefinas_nyc_samson
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