Josefinas Algarve's Sand: choose your favorite cut!
Josfinas Blog New Josefinas Algarves Sand

Our No.1 Collection is filled with colors, and it's getting harder to choose the prettiest. Today, however, we bring yet another novelty that will certainly delight many of our customers and fans.

After the launch of Josefinas Algarve's Sand High-Rise, we now present the same color in the classic Josefinas' model.

Josefinas Algarve's Sand, with a lower cleavage, are here to make you happy, and its color — classic and versatile — will surely make them the great allies you need in many happy moments.



Regardless of the cut you choose, high-rise or low cut, you can customize your Josefinas Algarve's Sand to make them even more special! Create yours now, HERE!

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Josefinas Algarve’s Sand