Josefinas' Book Club: 'The Nightingale' by Kristin Hannah

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We are already familiar with Kristin Hannah's female characters: strong personalities and strong characters - so it's not surprising that this book also features them.

'The Nightingale' is a novel from the troubled era of World War II, set in a France that was occupied by German soldiers who intended to spread Nazi ideals throughout Europe. And what better time to address such sensitive issues such as racism and xenophobia than the one we are experiencing today, in plain 21st Century?

Separated by years of experiences, ideals, and life circumstances, the two sisters who star in this novel follow separate paths and are the embodiment of the dualities of being that seem to remain entrenched in our daily lives, almost a century later. On the one hand, security, obedience and convenience, on the other hand, revolution, rebellion, and courage…

The context is the rise of totalitarian regimes in a fragile Europe, and whatever side of the barricade we stand in, Kristin Hannah does not make value judgments, but teaches us a fundamental lesson: in times of despair, war, and deep sorrow, it's up to us to bring up the best or the worst that exists in each one.



'The Nightingale' is a story about freedom, passion, survival, perseverance, and humility, in an intense snowball-effect narrative that takes us by storm. As with other works by this author, this captivating factor is not immediate, the truth is that we need time to become fond of the characters and enter the narrative, but hi waiting compass only makes it more captivating and even stronger.

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'The Nightingale' is a relevant work that praises strong female characters, and true examples of strength and struggle that, despite having different views, highlighting a message that must be shared, regardless of the century, the political views, or the gender: acceptance, respect, equality, and democracy must always prevail in darker times.

It's through sublime writing that Kristin Hannah reinforces, over and over again, the role of women in the misogynistic society of the time. Skill, naturalism, and flow are the channels used to display a capable, fierce, and courageous feminine subject who turns out to be fundamental in the fall of a regime. We are women, and we can do anything - this is the ground message!



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