Josefinas Square: eight colors, one path!
Josefinas Square

We want Josefinas to be a brand for any occasion, emphasizing the beauty and the shoe’s quality at any given moment. After the success of the square-edge models it seemed to us it made perfect sense to present a timeless collection with the colors of the beloved Collection N.1 – and some other new things, as well, obviously!

We're very close to celebrating our 7th anniversary… and what better way to celebrate such a special date then by launching a new Josefinas Collection? We can’t think of one, so we’re presenting Josefinas Square!

Black, Rose, Aqua Green, Desert, Pink Lace, Safari, Red, and Dark Pink are part of a set of iconic Josefinas, with square edge, handmade in genuine leather, and with unparalleled magic, available to order.

Eight colors, one path: yours.

Find them here!

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