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Marie Antoinette White

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In honor of a dream woman.

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In honor of a woman with a dream.

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  • I married in Josefinas

    My dear sweet Joana, how are you?
    I’m sending this email to share a very special moment with you. We finally received our weeding album e we’re bursting with joy. Reliving these moments is wonderful… It’s hard to put into words. And it’s hard to describe what’s going on in our heart!
    I had to share some of our wedding day pictures that show our happiness and our love.
    You, dear Joana, whom I haven’t had the pleasure to meet in person and give a huge hug, are always in my heart. You were with me during the planning, always with a sweet and caring word. I thank you Joana even more than I can put into words. And I’m sure that if our paths crossed in such a loving way, it’s because it’s something special.
    With love,

  • I married in Josefinas

    Hi, good morning Joana,
    I’m finally sending you some pictures of my wedding day and I’m wearing my Josefinas!
    There were THE shoe and I truly recommend it!
    Thank you. With love :)
    Sónia Vaz

  • I married in Josefinas

    Hi Joana,
    They arrived and the experience was great. I loved everything around Josefinas from the aroma, to the box, to the ‘Thank You’ notebook. Is has everything to do with me!!! And as soon as I tried them on it was WOW. They were made for me * I’m sending you a pictures so you can see how the shined on my feet.
    And the best of it was that they arrived right when I needed them to. My mom had called me saying she would finally have surgery and my heart was feeling tight and sad. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The doorbell rang and it was Josefinas arriving to cheer up my day.
    Thank you so much. I love all your details.
    PS: I wrote the card myself, just like Mr. Bean did with his Christmas cards. We have to love ourselves. *
    Proud to be a woman 4 ever!
    With love,

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