We are giving back to the most inspiring women!

At Josefinas we are on a mission to let the world know how many amazing women stories are unknown. And we are going to give Josefinas (yes we’re going to give shoes) to the most inspiring ones!  Yay!

This holiday season we want to hear stories about you, or a woman that you know, which are inspiring to other women.

Join our movement now, and your story or your friend’s story may end up, not just getting you a pair of Josefinas, but also be shared with other women and inspire them.

Let us know if there was a gesture, a moment, even the simplest story.

Nothing is irrelevant!
Let’s all inspire each other!

Here are the ways you can participate

Share your story or the story of a woman
that you know until November 30th.

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Tell the Story
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Share this mission by using the hashtag #JosefinasInspiresOtherWomen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    For her dedication and determination, for never giving up on her dream, for her craziness and graciousness at the same time, it would be Joana, the Moscow ballerina this Christmas.

  • The story:

    This one is to you, my little and sweet Ava, for the burst of laughter you give me every single day with all of your simplicity and geniality. You are my daily inspiration and the real magic of my life. Our...

  • The story:

    I choose my mom
    I could have chosen several women that I would love to tell a story about: my sister, my aunt, my mom… my best friend… All of them, women with great life stories that deserve to be told,...

  • The story:

    To my mom,
    To the woman who devoted her life to others, who taught me to be fierce and strong. To the person who fought every day for her future, who believes that nothing is impossible. My mom is the...