We believe in simple but extraordinary things!
Josefinas’ ballet flats are proof of it.

Discover Josefinas' iconic ballet flats in the most beautiful colors

Obsessed with Savoir-Faire

A Josefinas’ ballet shoe is handcrafted by the hands of master shoemakers. They live on the opposite side of mass production. Every pair is entirely handmade. It takes more than time; it takes a lot of dedication and a special dust of magic to make this beautiful shoe that is comfortable, timeless and stylish. It’s a 100% leather shoe with a genuine leather sole and an adjustable cord that is used to perfectly fit the shoe to your feet. We dare you to try a pair of Josefinas’ ballet flats and feel how a little bit of love can make big a difference.

Instagram World

We know that style comes from the uniqueness of each woman and that a pair of shoes can make that difference. Discover these marvelous women and how they style their pair of Josefinas’ ballet flats.