25 Nov 2021
Audacity is the watchword!
Just in time for Christmas, winter walks, and rainy days, we present you the Audacity Collection.

“Courage. Audacity. Fierceness. Kindness.

When these concepts come together, something extraordinary happens: we are free” - this is the motto for the Audacity Collection, which includes two proposals for this winter (and the upcoming ones).

Handmade by Portuguese master shoemakers, Josefinas Audacity Lace-Up Boots, with laces and side closure, and Josefinas Audacity Chelsea Boots, in an iconic and versatile model, are (truly!) made for walking, especially since comfort is always a priority for us.


With this new collection, which is perfect for winter, we challenge you to celebrate your achievements and enter the New Year with the certainty that you are capable of achieving all your goals (because you are!).


All the details can be found in the page dedicated to the collection (HERE).