19 Dec 2020
Josefinas’ Book Club: Everything I know about love
This is a book for us all.
Josefinas’ Book Club: Everything I know about love

Photography: Toby Lewis Thomas

This is a book for us all. The adventures of Dolly Alderton may, or may not, be our own, but we can easily see ourselves behind the author’s feelings and in what she takes from each of her experiences. It might not be THE book of our lives, but it’s a book about life, and it deserves the spotlight, at least we believe so.

In the beginning, “Everything I know about love” takes us back to Dolly’s teenage years. Although there are no two lives alike, we can find common traits with our own life: the way we fall in love, the search for our dream job, our friends’ precious advices, or even the disastrously epic parties… We’ve all been there, right?

The feeling of comprehension and the truth with which the author speaks to us is, perhaps, what makes this book so appealing. Her (very characteristic) sense of humor and her laid-back tone accompany us throughout the book and, chapter by chapter, we gain empathy for the character.

Photography: Mafalda Beirão (@mafalda_beirao via Instagram)

Dolly reminds us that our plans aren’t always going to workout the way we wanted, and that the love of our lives might not be like the ones in fairy tales. Maybe, it’s the one who listens, who gives advices, and who’s always there for us. After all, a friendship story is also a love story.

“Everything I know about love” is, above all, about learning, about looking to “the bad side” of each situation and consider what we can learn from it. In such an atypical year, where it isn’t always easy to look on the bright side, this book helps us learn that there is always a lesson for us. Therefore, it’s our Josefinas Book Club’s suggestion for the last weeks of 2020.

If you allow us to give you an advice: start reading this book with no expectations, let yourself be guided by the “conversation” with Dolly, and the story will surprise you.

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