02 Jan 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: Girl, Stop Apologizing
How many women have dreams that they would like to see fulfilled but, without really knowing how, they end up keeping them in the drawer?
Josefinas’ Book Club: "Girl, Stop Apologizing"
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This is, in other words, the question that Rachel Hollis asks us in "Girl, Stop Apologizing!".

Written with the intention of encouraging women to follow their dreams and their own path, this book is divided into three parts, where the most common excuses we all make are highlighted, as well as the behaviours we must adopt and the six key-skills we need to acquire.

Throughout the book, Rachel talks about her personal experiences in a very relaxed and humorous way. The simplicity with which she writes makes this book almost a set of advices that a sister or friend would give.

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The author believes that many women find it difficult to come out as individual beings - not as someone's mother, daughter, or wife - and that this is what leads them to give up their dreams and ambitions. Therefore, in this book, Rachel tries to motivate us to develop our self-confidence and deconstruct the beliefs that a patriarchal society has imposed on us since we were little girls.

This is a book that may be what we need to hear - perhaps not what we want. Each of us can draw a different lesson from this book, depending on the moment we are in our life. Who knows if it is not the motivation we need to “stop making excuses”?

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“Girl, Stop Apologizing” is our first suggestion of 2021 at the Josefinas’ Book Club. Have you read it? What lessons did you learn? Tell us everything on Instagram, by using #JosefinasBookClub.

Good year and good readings! 💖