25 Mar 2020
Josefinas' Book Club: Letter to My Daughter
The work of one of the greatest black activists in the United States of America.
Josefinas' Book Club: Letter to My Daughter

Maya Angelou was one of the main black activists in the United States, fighting for the rights of millions alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

To choose “Letter to My Daughter” to open our Book Club seemed more than right. These are the values we stand for!


​Photo: The Book Castle


“Letter to My Daughter” is in fact a letter to a daughter that never existed and a tribute to all the women in the world. Over 28 short chapters, Maya tells us several intense stories, gives us valuable lessons and shares her life experiences, almost reducing us to tears. It makes us travel in time and keep up with her growth as if we were close friends.

Throughout these pages, the activist reveals her fight against discrimination and the submission of black people and women – a fight we must never forget! Maya tells us openly about herself, her roots, her weaknesses and flaws, her travels. She tells us about times when she was afraid, about love and, above all, she talks about the role of women in the world. Maya writes with her heart and reaches out to each of us in a simple and touching way.

“Letter to My Daughter” is an inspiring tale. Maya Angelou will forever be a very special woman and her work will last in time. The first choice of the Josefinas' Book Club (#JosefinasBookClub) was more than right – a book for all women to read at least once throughout their lives.

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