16 Nov 2020
Josefinas’ Book Club: Normal People
Our new suggestion for November is “Normal People”, by Sally Rooney.

Photo: Roendo Livros

We meet Marianne and Connell in a small-town high school, in Ireland. He is the star of the school team, she is a shy and lonely girl, and they end up falling in love with each other. Yes, it looks like the typical teen book, but “Normal People” is more than that.

Photo: @emiibooklover (via Instagram)

Social pressure, dysfunctional families, violence, bullying, sexuality, and the drama of making life-changing decisions are some of the themes that the book addresses. They’re important topics, addressed in a natural way that we managed to transpose into our own experiences.

The author's flow makes us think about our own teenage years when we learn how to deal with our emotions and feelings, and how, at times, we end up forbidding ourselves to feel or express how we feel.

The relationship between Marianne and Connell reminds us that relationships are not black and white, there are much more complex shades, and that they are not always easy to explain. The important thing is not to get lost.

Photo: @book.mood (via Instagram)

Above all, “Normal People” is a book that has a message for each of us - and it is up to us, to discover it.

Have you discovered yours? Share what you thought of “Normal People” with us using #JosefinasBookClub on Instagram. Enjoy your reading!