15 Mar 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: Nowhere Boy
Our second reading suggestion of this month is the book “Nowhere Boy”, by Katherine Marsh.
Josefinas’ Book Club: Nowhere Boy
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A book that addresses the Syrian refugee crisis from a child's perspective.

“Nowhere Boy” tells us the story of Ahmed, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee, who is alone in the world, but maintains the hope of a better life in Brussels. Without documentation or family, and afraid of what might happen to him, he finds a hiding place in a Belgian house. He crosses paths with an American boy, of the same age, that becomes his friend and companion. The two boys together challenge every rule and fight for a cause: to make it possible for Ahmed to go to school.

Photo: @_ohlittleramona (via Instagram)

Written by a woman who cares about others, this is a story that we couldn’t fail to recommend on the Josefinas’ Book Club: a story about the refugee crises and all issues associated with it… The prejudice, the separation and dismemberment of families, the lack of documentation, the retention in refugee camps, and, above all, Human Rights.

A book that brings up our humanitarian side and a lesson for those who think that borders should be closed and support to those seeking a better life denied.

With a simple and fluid writing, it is a story for all ages and, without a doubt, an excellent book to introduce the theme to the younger ones.

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