17 Jun 2020
The new Josefinas Cleopatra have arrived!
Josefinas's Cleopatra Collection is always highly praised - and we realize why!

Perfect to make any summer more beautiful and elegant, ensuring Josefinas' comfort and quality, Josefinas Cleopatra are now available in six new colors. A dream come true!


With genuine textured leather, Cleopatra CrocGold, CrocBlack and CrocPink are ready for many happy adventures and are versatile enough for a late afternoon stroll, a breakfast in the garden, or a more formal event.


If you prefer the classic model of the Josefinas Cleopatra, in plan leather, we also have good news: in addition to the Cleopatra Classic Black, that are still part of this special collection, you can now discover the new Josefinas Cleopatra Classic Brown, in a timeless brown shade.


And we do not forget about the fans of the velvet Josefinas! Velvet Sea and Burgundy are the novelties in the Cleopatra collection and join Cleopatra Cherry Pink to inspire the path of women who choose them!


Do you have a favorite yet?

Discover the entire collection at josefinas.com/cleopatra and live your summer the best way possible - in flats, obviously!