30 May 2019
The New Josefinas Power Lunch Bag is born
Office lunches will never be the same with the new lunch bag by Josefinas!

Mad Men style lunches are in decline, not only because we don’t have time for them, but also because they were mostly attended by men and were filled with lots of... testosterone. These Power Lunches have been gradually replaced by less formal meetings and by the increasing number of women at the table. Not only have lunches changed, but also the way we consider what we eat, how we eat and with who we share that moment. Heavier moments became lighter, healthier, and homemade.
At Josefinas, mostly female company, we all like to bring our lunches from home, mostly for the sake of our health. At lunchtime our lunch bags open and there’s a moment of sharing around the table. This is where the old power lunch gains a new definition: camaraderie among lots of fun moments. This is the new power lunch: relaxed, less focused on power and filled with happy moments.

The lunch bag we all use is a synonym for these moments that we can’t miss out during our day. And over time, this started to become more relevant: we got in the elevator, went up six floors while we sadly commented the state of our lunch bags: uninteresting, not pretty, irrelevant – not at all fit for a moment that we enjoyed so much! We were determined: we needed a fashionable lunch bag, extraordinary, beautiful, well-made, insulated and waterproof, full of meaning. In fact, a piece we will be able to enjoy and celebrate with our customers: our very own feminine power lunch.

This was how Josefinas Power Lunch was born - a lunch bag, that looks nothing like a lunch bag!

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