01 Mar 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: The sun and her flowers
It’s no secret: we are passionate about Rupi Kaur’s writing, and we love the delicate way with which the author portrays such intimate moments.
The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur
Photo: @sincerelymedia

Just as it happens in most her works, the sun and her flowers also shares a powerful message of growth and resistance.
Rupi Kaur brings to life love and relationships in the shape of this Sun and these Flowers. Just like the Sun, women are strong and fierce, and just like these flowers, their relationships are perishable, transitory, and embellish a given moment – but few are really meant to last.

In the shape of beautiful verses, we are once again led by Kaur’s fine words, in a book that subtly presents itself as yet another life lesson.

We couldn’t fail to highlight another book that seems to put our minds at ease in the hardest times. Grief, love, revival or pain, regardless of what your feeling is at the moment you read this book, you’ll surely be put to rest. Everything does work out and some things are meant to be hard in order to become beautiful – just like some flowers struggle to bloom.

A light, quick reading and our suggestion for a journey companion and even to carry in our purse all the time to catch another poem on the go – it is worth it, and it is bound to make you feel like a human and a woman. We highly recommend it.

In the past, we went about her amazing book Milk and Honey, have you read any of these suggestions yet? Let us know what your thoughts are, and share your reading experiences using #JosefinasBookClub on Instagram.