05 Jul 2021
Today we celebrate our 8th anniversary!
And it's thanks to you that we continue to dream, create, and work for a better world.

We leaned upon the world of footwear, we were delighted with Portuguese tradition, we discovered extremely talented artisans, we met people who still inspire us to this day, we learned a lot, we had long conversations in a small office that we shared with other companies, we designed our first collection, we chose the materials, we made (and remade) prototypes, we adapted ideas, and we spent many sleepless nights.


8 years Josefinas



It was not a linear path, not least because we made a lot of mistakes and learned even more, but all of it was worth it, because, on the fifth day of July, in 2013, the Josefinas brand, with an undeniably Portuguese name, was presented to the world. And since then, we have never stopped creating (with love, always) and learning.

8 years passed, the first collection of Josefinas grew and was improved. A lot has happened, and the mission has never ceased to be the one that made us move forward with the initial idea - which seemed crazy for many people: to empower and inspire women all over the world through flat shoes. Because we believe that women are capable of everything, that we can all contribute to a better future, and that it is possible to change the world through business.


8 years Josefinas


We can't describe the gratitude we feel today (and every day). Thanks to you, we continue here, following our dreams and working so that other women have more opportunities to follow theirs.

Josefinas has been all around the world, but our journey is still beginning. And on this anniversary day, we're introducing The Pink Ribbon – If you're a subscriber to our newsletter, check out your email box to find out more about the biggest news we've ever shared!


8 years Josefinas


Thank you for continuing to walk with us.