20 Jan 2021
We have added new models to our Vegan collection!
Three new pairs of ballerinas 100% free of animal materials.
We have added new models to our Vegan collection!

In 2018, we launched Josefinas Vegan Black and Josefinas Vegan Pink. We want you to feel the magic of a pair of hand-crafted Josefinas and still stay true to your beliefs, so, this year, we started offering this possibility to the women who follow and support us.

We started with only two pairs, versatile and timeless, based on our iconic No.1 Collection: Black, which goes with everything, and pink, which gives a touch of color to any look to rock during Spring or Summer.

Today, we share a novelty for those who opt for footwear free of animal origin materials: we have three new models in our Vegan Collection!

It wasn't easy to find materials that were both vegan and sustainable, but as soon as we discovered them, we knew this collection would grow – and we wanted to bet on different details, too!

Now, there are three new suggestions to discover: the Josefinas Vegan Suede Beige and the Josefinas Vegan Black Sunbeam incorporate new textures, while the Josefinas Vegan Rose add our iconic shade of pink to this collection.

These ballerinas, as with all pairs of Josefinas, are made by hand in Portugal, and the three new Vegan models resort to the use of raw materials such as faux leather that incorporates a large percentage of biomass (derived from cereals) and recycled synthetics.

The Josefinas Vegan collection is now made up of five models of ballerinas that guarantee the comfort, elegance, versatility, and quality that we always privilege. It is available exclusively online (HERE).