27 May 2021
The XX collection has grown!
Summer is less than a month away, and these are the perfect allies for the upcoming walks on sunny days.
Josefinas XX White

The "xx" at the end of the messages became a symbol of union between women. If before they were used only among friends and relatives, today they are a way to show, even from a distance or through a screen, that no woman is alone, that we fight for the same causes, and that we are united in a movement for justice. There is still a long way to go, but sorority and friendship speak louder than indifference, and that is extraordinary.

The XX Collection represents, precisely, this feminine union, and today we present two new colors that will also be part of this path.

These are the Josefinas XX Black, in genuine suede, and the Josefinas XX White, in genuine leather, in an off-white tone that will make for long summer walks.


Josefinas XX


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