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22 Jun 2021
What’s the difference between classical and high-rise ballerinas?
Two models, one assurance: your Josefinas will take you on many happy adventures.
17 Jun 2021
5 Josefinas’ Collections for summer
A selection of mules and sandals that will be part of your closet during the hottest months.
11 May 2021
We design your dream Josefinas... and give new life to the ones that have followed you around for the longest time!
Did you know that besides having a pair of Josefinas made exclusively for you, you can also give them a
09 Apr 2021
Our suggestions for the brides of 2021
Flat shoes, elegant, and handcrafted for a meaningful day.
16 Mar 2021
Josefinas in shades of blue
If you are a fan of blue, you will love the suggestions we have put together in this article.
25 Nov 2020
10 Gift Suggestions for women who love classics
Christmas Eve is just a month away and we have suggestions for you!
11 Nov 2020
5 Josefinas of Your Dreams For This Christmas
Did you know that some Josefinas have gemstones and details that take days to be created?
23 Sep 2020
10 Josefinas for autumn
The end of summer, the omen of winter... The arrival of autumn doesn't have to be a sad event!
22 Jul 2020
2 Look suggestions with Josefinas Sisterhood
A sister-friend is not just for those photogenic moments you upload on Instagram.
12 May 2020
They love the Josefinas Marie Antoinette!
Aren't they a dream? Josefinas Marie Antoinette are available in four colors!
06 May 2020
5 Gifts for the women of the future
Investing in a girl's future is the best investment to make to fight poverty in the world.
22 Apr 2020
10 Josefinas for Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the person who inspires us the most - our mother.
20 Apr 2020
Eliana's choice for her wedding day
More and more brides choose our lovely Josefinas to accompany them on their Big Day!
18 Jun 2018
The 20 Most Instagrammable Cafes in New York
If you are looking for amazing Instagram pictures, full of beautiful food, great wall art, fantastic lifestyle, as you usually
23 Apr 2018
10 books Josefinas recommends
We love to read, especially books and stories by women, about women, whom we can identify with and who inspire
14 Mar 2018
Matching ballet flats for mom and daughter
It is official: “the best ballet flats in the world” (don’t take our word for it – read what our
02 Mar 2018
Josefinas Romantic Ballet Flats
Josefinas Moscow are a very special edition. These romantic ballet flats are a perfect choice for those heartwarming days.
07 Dec 2017
The most beautiful flat bride’s shoes
The wedding day, all the details, all the emotions… the bride shoes! You can never be really prepared for this
02 Nov 2017
How to customize your sneakers, ballet flats or even a handbag
At Josefinas we are always thinking about how to make a piece even more yours. And its customization is the
01 Nov 2017
The 5 perfect Josefinas to use according to your day
Each day is different, and there is nothing better than the versatility of having an accessory, whether it’s a pair
19 Oct 2017
The 5 perfect Josefinas to gift to a Power Woman
Offering Josefinas is offering meaning in the form of a pair of shoes. Whether it's a Christmas or a Birthday