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06 May 2020
5 Gifts for the women of the future
Investing in a girl's future is the best investment to make to fight poverty in the world.
04 May 2020
Josefinas’ Book Club: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls
We believe that education is the best weapon we can give to a girl.
29 Apr 2020
7 Movies that Celebrate the Power of Women
At a time when it is imperative to stay at home, the world of literature and cinema keeps us company.
22 Apr 2020
10 Josefinas for Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the person who inspires us the most - our mother.
20 Apr 2020
Eliana's choice for her wedding day
More and more brides choose our lovely Josefinas to accompany them on their Big Day!
16 Apr 2020
Josefinas’ Book Club: Becoming
Michelle Obama represents, for women around the world, much more than a political position.
15 Apr 2020
7 moments when Michelle Obama caused a stir on flats
Michelle Obama believes, as we do, that she doesn't need to wear high heels to look elegant.
01 Apr 2020
Josefinas' Book Club: We Should All Be Feminists
An adaptation of the famous TED Talk of the same name, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
26 Mar 2020
10 Female Poets you really need to know
On March 21st we celebrate World Poetry Day, and this form of expression is also emphasized by women.
25 Mar 2020
Who was Maya Angelou?
Poet, memoirist, feminist, civil rights activist, woman. Maya Angelou was a fierce woman, who will live on forever.
25 Mar 2020
Josefinas' Book Club: Letter to My Daughter
The work of one of the greatest black activists in the United States of America.
23 Mar 2020
Five Celebrities who won't let go of their Josefinas
Josefinas walk around the world in the feet of the most influential women and celebrities who stand out in their
18 Mar 2020
Josefina’s Book Club has arrived: by women, for women
We want to share with you our passion for reading.
10 Mar 2020
WOMAN: the new documentary that gives voice to two thousand women
The preview of the documentary film Woman took place last Saturday, March 7th, in Portugal.
06 Mar 2020
On International Women's Day, the 24 women who daily inspire Josefinas
Since 1975, International Women's Day has reminded us that we still have a long way to go.
21 Feb 2020
Josefinas Suede have arrived!
We have added a request from several dear customers to our best-selling collection and created Josefinas in genuine suede.
12 Feb 2020
Josefinas on the cover of the Epica Awards Book
Founded in 1987, the Epica Awards Book is the only global creative award judged exclusively by journalists.
19 Dec 2019
Josefinas changed its name
At Josefinas we’re not only a shoe brand, we’re women.
25 Sep 2019
Everything you need to know about domestic violence but were too afraid to ask
Domestic violence is a matter we should all care about. Why? It happens to everyone.
13 Sep 2019
Zooey Deschanel steps out in Josefinas Vegan Black
We have always loved Zooey and her feminie and elegant style... And she has chosen Josefinas for a special moment!
30 May 2019
The New Josefinas Power Lunch Bag is born
Office lunches will never be the same with the new lunch bag by Josefinas!