Atacadores #ProudToBeAWoman
Atacadores #ProudToBeAWoman

#ProudToBeAWoman Shoelaces


About the #ProudToBeAWoman Shoelaces

The #ProudToBeAWoman shoelaces belong to the You can Leave collection, created with the aim of alerting to the scourge of domestic violence. 

Each pair of shoelaces has 5 symbols with the following meaning: do not control; do not blame; do not intimidate; do not shame; do not hurt. Wear them with pride!

More details about the shoelaces:

  • 100% cotton.

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What our customers say about us

This is my second order, the first being the Josefinas Vegan Suede Beige, but I have to say that these really exceeded my expectations. They are beautiful, high quality and impeccably made. Needless to say how hard it is to find good quality vegan shoes out there, especially when it comes to ballet flats.

I have received my Josefinas. They are perfect and look tailor-made! Thank you, kisses.

I cannot describe the joy I felt the moment I opened each one of the three boxes. Each pair is so beautiful... and they fit perfectly! The smell, the texture... They are one of a kind and honestly the best shoes I have ever worn. I tell you this every time I buy them, but - because it's true - I will keep saying it every time I wear these dreamy creations.

What our customers say about us