01 Aug 2020
Josefinas' Book Club: 5 advice from Chimamanda to raise a feminist child
The education and the environment in which the child grows up in are fundamental.
Josefinas' Book Club: 5 advice from Chimamanda to raise a feminist child

Photo: Presentation at TEDxEuston

Whether they're boys or girls, it's crucial for parents to know how to educate a feminist child: which is nothing less than a respectful child with values of equality.

This suggestion from our Book Club seems very appropriate and essential in any library! In 'Dear Ijeawele', the ultimate feminist manifesto, Chimamanda writes – with the cunning that’s so characteristic of her – to challenge gender roles and the expectations created for boys and girls.

This is the perfect guide for all parents who, with its help, will be equipped with the tools to get around situations where gender disparity is notorious – and, unfortunately, they're quite usual. In all, there are 15 lessons to learn, and today we share 5 of them. Join us through this reading and discover the other 10!

#1 Teach the child that gender roles are absolutely ridiculous;

#2 Be deliberate in how you engage with the child and its appearance;

#3 Teach the child to question society's use of biology to respect social norms;

#4 Talk about sex and start doing it early;

#5 Teach the child to respect differences.


If you want to know all the tips Chimamanda shares, we advise a careful reading of the Manifest 'Dear Ijeawele'.


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