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About josefinas

An adventure on seas never before sailed… Josefinas Atlantic Blue are a part of the No.1 Collection, handcrafted and with an unparalleled magic. The No.1 Collection takes us to a past filled with history and a present with significance. Where do your Josefinas Atlantic Blue take you?

We are always on the quest for the best, and we found it in the past. We’re obsessed with savoir-faire. Each and every pair is hand crafted by master shoemakers just for you, making each pair unique and special.

More details about Josefinas Atlantic Blue:

• Navy Blue leather
• Interior lining in leather
• Leather sole
• Adjustable cord
• Handmade in Portugal


Kristen Nichols
New York - USA

I am so happy to be a proud owner of a pair of Josefinas. They are a truly a treasured piece in my closet.

Sílvia Alberto
Lisbon (Portugal)

The best present: my first Josefinas!

Dina Rocha
Ílhavo (Portugal)

I just received my first Josefinas! They are even more beautiful than they appeared to be. I would also like to thank you for the 'Confiança treat' that came with them. Be sure that I will wear them with pride and love!