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About josefinas

Inspired by the beauty of the Ballets Russes, Josefinas Moscow are a special and unique edition that brings together the savoir-faire of master shoemakers, handmade cardboard and sculpture. Made by hands with years of knowledge in the art of shoemaking, Josefinas Moscow travel inside a romantic music box, also handmade: the golden ballerina, painted by sacred art artists, twirls to the sound of a dreamy melody; the pink Swarovski crystal shows the way to Josefinas Moscow, accommodated in the box’s drawer.

More details about Josefinas Moscow:

• Golden suede
• Interior lining in genuine leather
• Leather sole
• Adjustable cord
• Handmade in Portugal


Laura Vélazquez
Lausanne, Switzerland

Dear Joana,
Thanks for your message, I also hope you have an amazing 2018!
I love my pair of Josefinas Moscow! Now it feels I can wear my pointe shoes all the time :) They are lovely and very comfortable. I also loved the box and all the nice details inside!
I will buy for sure another pair of Josefinas. I will also like to have the flats in Delicate Rose color. Maybe next month.
For the moment I can say I am a very happy customer. Thanks a lot!

Rita Fidalgo
Amadora - Portugal

I love my Josefinas - they’re beautiful and very well made.
Congratulations on the product, on the way you handle us clients and the entire buyer experience. I wish Josefinas much success and I hope to be able to continue to buy more Josefinas, in order to satisfy my ballet flats obsession : )

Kristen Nichols
New York - USA

I am so happy to be a proud owner of a pair of Josefinas. They are a truly a treasured piece in my closet.