This is the Flagship of our Dreams

We have an ultimate mission: to contribute and inspire all women to achieve their dreams, and achieve the best version of themselves. And just to prove that, we did what no one thought we could do: open our first worldwide flagship in New York, where you will find the most meaningful shoes in the world.

This store symbolizes that if a woman can dream it, she can make it! Believe it, we are proof of that!

We never dreamed we could work with Christian Lahoude, one of the most brilliant architects we’ve ever met. Not just because he does amazing stores like Jimmy Choo, Tiffany’s, Gucci… but because he is one of the most generous and creative people we have ever worked with. Christian designed Josefinas’ store, and presented us with one of our most ultimate dreams: an amazing store with a beautiful garden inside and out. Josefinas’ store symbolizes the path that you can take from a dream to reality: a walk in a magical garden, where you can dream wide awake, and walk right into the real thing.

Inside the store you’ll find a tree that symbolizes your dream. This tree was entirely handmade by an artisan that also helped transform our dream into a reality.

Nolita’s Neighborhood

And why a store in Nolita? Funny thing: this was the first store we looked at when we visited NY, dreaming of opening a Josefinas’ store – we just fell in love with it. In Nolita, right next to Soho, one of the most iconic neighbors, we found this charming, authentic spot. In the back of our minds we felt this was the right place. That’s probably what Blake Mycoskie, CEO of TOMS or Tory Burch felt when they opened their first store, on Elizabeth Street. This is a one-of-a-kind spot in Lower Manhattan. Nothing better than an authentic place to do amazing things.

A little bit of history: Nolita means North of Little Italy (No+Li+Ta). Back in the 1880s, when immigrants arrived at Ellis Island from Naples, they all went to Little Italy. All their counterparts lived here, this was their home away from home in a big new city. Even though more than 100 years have passed, it’s like the aura is still alive – the uniqueness of a welcoming neighborhood where you feel like you’re in a small town, but inside a huge city... The bohemian lifestyle, the blooming trees in the spring, the time just flies when you take a walk through here.

The streets stretching from Broome to Houston, from Lafayette to the Bowery, have maintained their age-old authenticity, even while simultaneously modernizing. And of course, on Elizabeth Street you’ll find the most amazing store: Josefinas!

Josefinas NYC Flagship
252 Elizabeth St New York, NY 10012
001 917 770 2484
Opening hours
Monday: 11am - 7pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm