Josefinas Show Girl
An homage to all female artists.
Josefinas Gabrielle
“Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.”
Josefinas 252
Enjoy life!
B Yourself
This is our homage to you! Did you know you are inspiring? Be yourself and be proud of it!
A bond for life.
Stand up for women
B Side Kids
New Josefinas for little girls. Like mother, like daughter.
Pink Power
Pink is power.
Cinderella 2.0
The new Cinderella story.
Josefinas #ProudToBeAWoman
A limited edition by Josefinas in collaboration with Jaydee.
Josefinas x TBS
Uma edição limitada com Chiara Ferragni.
Josefinas x TBS
A limited edition with Chiara Ferragni.
Fuzz Letters
Fuzzy letters for your handbag.
Josefinas at TEDX
Changing the world through women empowerment
Burel Couture
When nature comes together...
Josefinas Rose Couture
The value of a handmade embroidery.
Hazel Cat
A collaboration Josefinas x Patricia Chang
The first bag by Josefinas.
Josefinas' NYC Flagship
The flagship of our dreams.
A story inspired by a strong woman.
Marie Antoinette
“Good Morning” said Marie Antoinette!
Dream Big
Dream Big, Dream Pink
Josefinas Mother & Daughter
I’ll be there for you, and I know you’ll be there for me
Josefinas Power Woman
Josefinas Audrey
If you can dream it, you can make it.
Dragon Lady
A powerful edition.
#ProudToBeAWoman Keychain
Every detail in every piece.
Josefinas Outlaw
Josefinas Outlaw: the B Side continues...
Josefinas Women for Women by Gloria Steinem
Sisterhood: a special edition with Gloria Steinem.
Josefinas B Side
Josefinas Thelma & Louise: be free.
Josefinas Twiggy
Josefinas Twiggy: celebrate your uniqueness.
Josefinas Women for Women
A special edition that celebrates women’s friendship! Discover the edition's photos here.
Josefinas Pop Square
Josefinas gives a new meaning to the most famous crosswalk in the world. Discover the collection's photos right here.
Josefinas Blue Persian Salt
Photos of the world's most expensive ballet flat.
Josefinas 1001 Nights
All the photos of the 1001 nights luxurious adventures.
Josefinas Winter Wonderland
Photos of the winter collection inspired by Alice In Wonderland.
Josefinas Moscow
Photos of the special edition inspired by the Ballet Russes.
Josefinas Osaka
Photos of the limited edition Josefinas x Fine&Candy.
Josefinas for Brides
The bridal collection.
General photos.
Filipa Júlio
Josefinas' Founder.