I bought a pair of Josefinas

My dear sweet Joana, how are you?
I’m sending this email to share a very special moment with you. We finally received our weeding album e we’re bursting with joy. Reliving these moments is wonderful… It’s hard to put into words. And it’s hard to describe what’s going on in our heart!
I had to share some of our wedding day pictures that show our happiness and our love.
You, dear Joana, whom I haven’t had the pleasure to meet in person and give a huge hug, are always in my heart. You were with me during the planning, always with a sweet and caring word. I thank you Joana even more than I can put into words. And I’m sure that if our paths crossed in such a loving way, it’s because it’s something special.
With love,

Ana - Setúbal, Portugal

Hi, good morning Joana,
I’m finally sending you some pictures of my wedding day and I’m wearing my Josefinas!
There were THE shoe and I truly recommend it!
Thank you. With love :)
Sónia Vaz

Sónia - Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Joana,
They arrived and the experience was great. I loved everything around Josefinas from the aroma, to the box, to the ‘Thank You’ notebook. Is has everything to do with me!!! And as soon as I tried them on it was WOW. They were made for me * I’m sending you a pictures so you can see how the shined on my feet.
And the best of it was that they arrived right when I needed them to. My mom had called me saying she would finally have surgery and my heart was feeling tight and sad. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The doorbell rang and it was Josefinas arriving to cheer up my day.
Thank you so much. I love all your details.
PS: I wrote the card myself, just like Mr. Bean did with his Christmas cards. We have to love ourselves. *
Proud to be a woman 4 ever!
With love,

Andreia - Setúbal, Portugal

Dear Joana,
Thanks again for you nice email!
My ShowGirl Josefinas arrived on Thursday, however, I was traveling and I was able to see them just today :)
They are lovely, just what I was expecting! I will try them during the weekend but I can say the fit is perfect, so I hope they will be both gorgeous and comfortable.
I have to tell you that I love Josefinas shoes, the design, the perfect fit, the materials and of course the shopping experience! I have tried many brands before, but never experienced these joy of receiving a new pair, thanks for everything!
Now I just want to wear Josefinas :p, you have raised the level so high!
I can't wait to have my last purchase!
I will have a long travel starting from next weekend, and I will bring with me all my Josefinas shoes :)
Hope you also have a wonderful weekend,

Laura Villegas - Laussanne, Switzerland

Olá Joana,
Correu tudo bem, muito obrigada!!
É mesmo muito querido da sua parte não se ter esquecido!
As minhas Josefinas como já calculava ficam perfeitas junto do vestido !
Estou ansiosa de chegar ao dia do casamento para poder estrear as minhas lindas Josefinas!!
Obrigada pela sua simpatia!!

Cláudia dos Anjos - Amarante, Portugal

Hi Joana!!!
Thank you so much!! ❤ I would like to express you that your customer service is unbelievable, you are so perfect in many ways and so are the Josefinas! Hope you have a great week and these are my first of many Josefinas!!
You are awesome!!

Ana Ceci Morales Goldaracena - Tampico, México

Hi Josefinas!
About 5 years ago, when I was just an intern starting my professional life and I needed some appropriate shoes for work, you girls sent me a pair of ballet flats that had only been worn once on a runway. I was making 350€ at the time and I couldn’t afford to buy a pair.
I just wanted to say that I’ve always been extremely thankful for that. I’ve had them for almost 5 years and they still look incredible which proves their quality. I remain a fan and now I can buy a pair for myself. A huge thank you!

Joana Menezes - Lisboa, Portugal

I thank you for all the kindness and good vibes. All this experience towards preparing my wedding has been outstanding. Josefinas Vie en Rose are divine and they are – believe me – THE shoe. You too Joana have made this possible. A “simple” pair of shoes have led me to you and I will never forget your kindness.
Your words are touching. I always feel enchanted when one is able to connect with others. This could have simply been a commercial relationship but no. In this case I really want to share my happiness with you.

Ana Martins - Setúbal, Portugal

Good evening,
I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you note for all the love and dedication. My husband got me a pair of Josefinas for my birthday and I loved them! Besides being beautiful, they are extremely comfortable. Congratulations on your project and good taste!

Rafaela Guedes - Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Joana,
I hope you are well.
I received my shoes yesterday as you promised and to my delight. Thanks once again for the great customer service you have provided me during my purchase and I can reassure you that it will not be the only pair of Josefinas I will own in the future. I wish you every success and look forward to increase my shoe collection.

Anne Cassidy - Motherwell, United Kingdom

They are super comfortable and just truly amazing :) I love them ***
You are super helpful, Joana, Angel :) **** Sending you lots of hugs of love ;)
Thank you for the gifts!

Bárbara Sabina - Coronado, USA

Good evening Joana,
I’m so happy with my Josefinas. They fit perfectly and they’re so elegant!

Teresa Tavares - Leça do Balio, Portugal

Hi Joana, good evening.
I gave Teresa her Josefinas. She loved them and they fit her perfectly.
I want to thank you for all the dedication during this process. Great brands distinguish themselves because of these details. My entire experience was great and I will for sure repeat it. More so being a Portuguese brand. It’s always great to acknowledge that there are more and more extraordinary brands in our country.

Hélio Soares - Lisbon, Portugal

Joana, they’ve arrived <3
THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I loved the message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. These “little surprises” make such a difference. The shoes fit like a glove. Thank you so much. You’ve made my Monday so much brighter.

Catarina Laborinho - Lisbon, Portugal

Yay 😊 Thank you so much Joana! You ladies do a really good job - your customer service is just amazing. It's so nice to read from you.
Thank you for the information and all the best for you ❤ I'm sure it won't be my last pair of Josefinas and I'll make a lot of advertisement in the parliament!

Josefine Barisic-Sawatzky - Berlin, Germany

Dear Joana,
Again, thank you. I should mention that I’ve never had such a personal and thoughtful experience as a client. I don’t believe it’s just the great company culture; I believe you are as well like this. Thank you!

João Marques Gomes - Lisbon, Portugal

Good morning,
I received my Josefinas a few days ago but I still haven’t had the courage to wear them. I put them back in the box and it has been decorating by room. I want to publicly thank the best sister in the world for the gift and I also want to extend my thank you to who created this object of desire. Thank you!

Rita Mendes - Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Joana,
Thank you so much for your email! Josefinas are the best ballerina shoes that I have ever worn. So pretty and comfortable! I am sure that they will be part of my everyday life! A life with style and cuteness. We will be in touch 😊

Roza Balla - Athens, Greece

Good morning Joana,
I thought about it for quite a while but I’m so happy I got them! Perfection has no price-tag. They are everything I could have hoped for. I can’t wait to get another pretext to buy myself a second pair.

Michelle Ricardo - Moscavide, Portugal

Good evening,
I received my Josefinas Louise Pink on my birthday. I can’t express my happiness, from the pink handmade box to the small notebook, I could not have dreamed anything better.
Keep going with your amazing work! You are, truly, an inspiration and motivation, especially for me, since I have the same dream as yours!

Joana Cardielos - Porto, Portugal

Your customer service is famous… Now, I know why! Thank you so much for your fantastic e-mail! 😊

Luís Martins - Lisbon, Portugal

Hello Joana, good morning,
I still can’t find the words to express what I feel. I haven’t had the audacity to open my new Josefinas’ box. Truthfully, I feel like I don’t deserve them.
Our oldest son, who is 7 years old, told me that I should have used Josefinas on my wedding day because he believes the pair are the cutest shoes ever!
Joana, this journey with you has been outstanding and unbelievable.
I wish all the best to the ones involved on the project. I admire your work so much and I am so happy with my Josefinas. Count on me to spread your message!
Regards Joana. Congratulations for your work.

Valentina Cruz - Den Haag, Netherlands

Hi Joana,
Everything is great. I hope with you too.
I received Josefinas last Friday. They’re great! Opening the box, feeling the aroma, seeing them, feeling them at my feet was WONDERFUL! Thank you for everything :)

Joana Cunha - Oeiras, Portugal


This is one of the best customer service’s I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on the great work :)

Jorge Miranda - Esposende, Portugal

Dear Joana,
Thanks for your message, I also hope you have an amazing 2018!
I love my pair of Josefinas Moscow! Now it feels I can wear my pointe shoes all the time :) They are lovely and very comfortable. I also loved the box and all the nice details inside!
I will buy for sure another pair of Josefinas. I will also like to have the flats in Delicate Rose color. Maybe next month.
For the moment I can say I am a very happy customer. Thanks a lot!

Laura Vélazquez - Lausanne, Switzerland

I’ve been wearing my Josefinas a lot. I love them - I feel happy when I'm wearing them. They’re comfy and beautiful. I’m in love with the sneakers and boots made in burel. I’m dreaming with the boots with laces and with the pearls. They’re beyond beautiful. I love the military boots toned down with pearls.

Josefina Coucelo - Portimão, Algarve

My new favorite shoe store - right in my neighborhood!
Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon trying on shoes and chatting with the darling associates Joana and Masha - we share a love of handcrafted shoes and beautifully made things!
Once I found out the story and purpose behind Josefinas I was sold. I got a pair of absolutely exquisite and comfortable rose ballet flats. Even the box is handmade. If you look inside the paper bag, it has a great touch: #proudtobeawoman.

Bernardine So - New York, USA

Oh! Stunning!!!!!

Rita Michaela - Lisbon

Beautiful. Without doubt, a must-have!

Teresa Chaves - Lisbon

Honestly, I have had the best experience with Josefinas already! It really has been the most incredible online shopping experience I've ever come across; you really make the customer feel special.

Nikita Le Messurier - Melbourne, Australia

My Dragon Lady Josefinas just arrived. They’re beautiful and arrived in the most gorgeous box.

Luisa Matias - Cascais

I received my pair of Josefinas last week! I loved them. The Alice are on my wishlit. Thank you @josefinasportugal for making beautiful and comfortable shoes.

Barbara Massey - Coronado (USA)

I received my shoes today. The sneakers are amazing. So unique. I'm excited to bring the trend to NYC as I've never seen them before!! The darker fur is awesome.

Dana Levine - New York (USA)

I am so honored by Josefina's special edition shoe, created to help women & celebrate sisterhood! #WomenForWomen

Gloria Steinem - New York - USA

After travelling over 11 000 km, they arrived at my doorstep and now they’re on my feet. They’re a masterpiece: starting with the material used, up until the master hands that have created them.
I fell in love with the attention to detail – the handwritten note, the way the Josefinas were wrapped, and even the box that simplifies the exchange (that I won’t be doing!).
I’m a new fan!

Susana Mateus - Hong Kong

Just received my order of ballet flats and they are PERFECT; beautifully made, they fit like a glove and they look every bit the Audrey Hepburn meets French Girl Chic I was hoping they would.
Your online store is a wonderful shopping experience as well, it's easy to use the site and the order form, the delivery is very fast, the packaging is beautiful! And the "little extra" lovely scented soap included made me smile.
In an age of complete overload in the marketplace it's delightful to find a company selling products of such rare quality. I will definitely be returning for more!

Marti Blumenthal - California (USA)

My Josefinas arrived this morning…
You don’t know me personally, but I see myself has the queen of ballet flats! I’m tall (I’m 1,78m) so I really don’t wear heels: besides the fact that I don’t need any extra centimeters, I love to feel elegant and comfortable. I own many ballerina pumps in a variety of different colors, some of them even improbable ones, like orange and purple.
I’ve been in love with Josefinas since the first day I saw them. It took me a while to actually order them, but after discovering that Josefinas are 100% Portuguese, completely handmade with the finest materials and full of little details that make all the difference, I decided to order them and (un)patiently waited for them to arrive. All I thought about was trying them on, feeling them, admiring them. I was afraid that they’d be small, but it was a relief to know that the box is reversible and that they could be easily exchanged.
But as I was saying in the beginning, my Josefinas arrived this morning. Josefinas Delicate Rose… And I am super happy and enchanted. They’re beautiful and they fit like a glove. I love the color, the fit, everything. Congratulations girls!
For so long I’ve been questioning if we, Portuguese people, have the know-how and the exquisite materials needed to create great shoes. I wondered “why are our shoes so unfashionable and why don’t they stand out in the world”. I know that ‘Made in Italy’ sells for itself, but Josefinas is an example of excellence and a true calling card for what is well made in Portugal.

Clara Almeida - Lisbon - Portugal

I love my Josefinas - they’re beautiful and very well made.
Congratulations on the product, on the way you handle us clients and the entire buyer experience. I wish Josefinas much success and I hope to be able to continue to buy more Josefinas, in order to satisfy my ballet flats obsession : )

Rita Fidalgo - Amadora - Portugal

Josefinas are to die for! I have Chanel, I have Repetto… and of all I prefer (by far!) the comfort and the fit of yours. Congratulations on Josefinas’ superb quality, the charming packaging and the inclusion of a beautiful handwritten note. Ohhh, and the adorable soap. When you open the box, it’s surprise after surprise.

Ana Rodrigues - Barcelos - Portugal

I’ve just received my new Josefinas Sakura. They’re BEAUTIFUL.
They fit perfectly. Thank you for all the love put into the box – the soap, the cotton bag and the smell of new shoes.
I’m so happy to finally take Josefinas out on the streets. I’ll send pictures!
I’m sure these are the first of many.

Fernanda Silva - Carcavelos - Portugal

A five star costumer service! I heard about your story and I just had to get a pair of Josefinas.
I’m your brand’s ambassador overseas!
All the best girls!

Yennifer Santos - Vienna - Austria

I feel in love with Osaka the minute I saw them on Vogue’s website! And when I received them at home I couldn’t be happier. They're so beautiful and comfy.
I can't believe the no.1 Osaka is mine!

Juliana Garcia - S. João da Madeira - Portugal

Josefinas Osaka are stunning! Thank you so much. I love them!

Ella Catliff - London - United Kingdom

The hubby surprised me with a pair of my favorite Josefinas! Thanks for helping him out in the process of having these made and getting them all the way to New Zealand! I hear your customer service is impeccable! And I loved my Josefinas.

Rita - New Zealand

I'm obsessed with my new Josefinas Portugal ballet flats!

Peony Lim - United Kingdom

Best ballet flats ever!

Karolina Baszak - Poland

I am so happy to be a proud owner of a pair of Josefinas. They are a truly a treasured piece in my closet.

Kristen Nichols - New York - USA

Josefinas are the most perfect, most beautiful and most amazing shoes I ever ever seen (and trust me, as a fan of ballet flats, I tried many brands before).
They are so incredibly beautiful, comfortable and tidy manufactured that non other word comes to my mind in order to describe them, than - PERFECTION.

Nadiya Filipchuk - Prague - Czech Republic

Coming home to the kindest words and most amazing handmade ballerina flats. Josefinas are perfect. I couldn't be happier!

Anne-Catherine Frey - Paris (France)

The best ballet flats ever!

Maria Inês Milheiro - Sta Maria de Lamas (Portugal)

Josefinas are super comfy and the leather is awesome!

Valentine - Paris (France)

The best present: my first Josefinas!

Sílvia Alberto - Lisbon (Portugal)

I'm thrilled, they're lovely and beautifully made!

Marianne Frost - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Josefinas are so beautiful and comfy!!! I'm already thinking about my next pair.

Paula Mendes - Guimarães (Portugal)

My Josefinas have just arrived and they exceeded my expectations. They’re beautiful and super comfortable.
Opening the Josefinas box is a delicious experience, full of details and love. This only is the beginning of a new adventure. It makes me want to keep opening the box over and over.

Alexandra Neves - Odivelas (Portugal)

My Josefinas have arrived!
As expected, I love them and they’re super comfortable.
I must say that I always have trouble finding shoes that I feel good in (which is a problem when one wants to buy shoes) but with Josefinas I feel great!

Carolina Fernandes - Funchal (Portugal)

I have been wearing my Josefinas for a few days now and wanted to let you know how in love I am! They are absolutely beautiful works of art. Thank you for making my feet feel so special. I'm already wanting another pair :)

Caroline Veazey - New York - USA

I am just writting a short mail to let you know that my Josefinas arrived and they are gorgeous. Thank you so much! Thank everybody who worked to making them possible for me, please, will you?
As soon as I take my new Josefinas for a date I will be posting pictures. Size wise, 38 seems to be my Josefinas size. They seem to feel just loose enough to be comfortable, without slipping from my feet. We are a perfect match, I think!
You truly make great shoes. They are everything you would expect from them: so versatile and subtle and practical in the same time!
Thank you very much for your lovely note and the stickers. I use these black notebooks as my journals and I can`t wait to stick the ribbon stickers on my next ones. They will look lovely!
Hugs from Okinawa.

P.S. I love the look of the Moscow shoes!

Alina Rădulescu - Okinawa (Japan)

"I received my Josefinas right before going on vacation and I simply LOVED them, they are the most comfortable there is, your careful attention to the design, card, packaging and gift (notebook) is out of this world. CONGRATULATIONS!
I'll confess that I have the shoebox on top of my dresser with my jewelry inside, it looks so good there.
I glued the bows on the box and the whole look is so romantic.
I won’t own just one pair, other colors are already on my mind...
The investment is totally worth it.

Keep up the great work, it was worth believing in a beautiful dream called Josefinas."

Maria Cristo - Moscavide (Portugal)

"My Josefinas Panama arrived today. I was amazed with the color! It's fabulous! They are a total reminder of summer and are begging to travel!
I appreciate the little gift that was sent, and would also like to congratulate you on the affection and care that is put into each and every pair of Josefinas, as well as their packaging."

Lurdes Ramos - Senhora da Hora (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas today! They are even more beautiful in person! They fit wonderfully! Divine!
I’ve already chosen my next pair...
Congratulations on your admirable work."

Lurdes Ramos - Senhora da Hora (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas this morning.
I loved them! Simply elegant and comfortable. I'm already thinking about the next pair :)
I appreciate the surprise that was also sent: the bag to store them in and the little notebook to write down all the good times that I'll spend with my Josefinas.
Keep up your inspiration and refinement!"

Helena Aleixo - Montijo (Portugal)

These shoes are GORGEOUS! You should be really proud of what you're doing. This is how every shoe should look and feel. Amazing!

Heather Chester - San Francisco - USA

"My Josefinas have arrived! They are my second pair and once again I loved them. They have a lovely color and I adored each shipment detail, from the professionalism in delivering them on the day I had asked for, to the delicacy of the very tasteful favors that came in the box!
Thank you!
And congratulations on your lovely project/dream come true!"

Sandra Alves - Oporto (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas and I loved everything! All the favors that came in the box, which transmitted special warmth and care. Thank you for the wonder of discovering each little gift and, finally, when I saw the Josefinas, I fell in love. They are beautiful and super comfortable and I felt like a true Cinderella when I put them on and I didn’t feel like taking them off, I actually felt like travelling the world with them.
Thank you for everything.
Kisses! "

Angela Neves - Viseu (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas Paris and was blown away by their comfort and finish.
I really enjoyed the box, the little favor (notepad) and the card. Ultra personalized and extremely tasteful! Thank you!"

Géraldine - Almeirim (Portugal)

"Thank you so much for the Josefinas.
They are not only beautiful; they are also super soft and very, very comfortable, PERFECT!"

Vardit - Cologne (Germany)

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an extremely high quality service! Apart from being very trendy, no detail was forgotten! Congratulations! I’m on the way to getting the entire collection!"

Sónia Gomes - Vila Nogueira de Azeitão (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas yesterday, bright and early.
Congratulations, they correspond exactly to my expectations, they are beautiful!
I not only loved the Josefinas, but also the packaging and the card. It’s these small details that make all the difference.
I wore them today and if yesterday I still had doubts about the size when I tried them on, today I noticed that they have adapted perfectly to my feet.
Now I just have one problem, I feel like ordering one of each color ;)"

Ana Santos - Seixal (Portugal)

"My Josefinas have arrived and they fit like a glove!
They are beautiful and all I want to do is order more!"

Maria Teresa Cardoso - Coimbra (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas today!
They are very beautiful and well finished: the leather is very soft and the color is beautiful.
Thank you for such great service and the sweet soap that is also very Portuguese! The packaging is of beautiful quality (not only the box, but the card and envelope as well) and all this makes the product shine even more! WELL DONE! I love the simplicity of the logo and the chosen colors have a simultaneous feminine and vintage twist! That is the designer in me speaking of course.
I'm very happy with my purchase and especially for owning a product that I know was made ​​with so much care and rigor :-)
Continue to work with inspiration and a lot of twist because that will take you very far!
Many kisses and see you soon!"

Sónia de Macedo Cocco - Cascais (Portugal)

"I just wanted to say that I received my Josefinas and all is well. I wore them for the first time today and am very satisfied. They are comfortable and cool ... and beautiful, of course!"

Maria Duarte - Massamá (Portugal)

Josefinas arrived on a wondeful timing, just on the day of my graduation, so I got to wear them for my graduation ceremony (I was secretly hoping this will happen and it did!). They look wonderful and felt very nice to walk in. Thank you very much for the shoes and the care and tenderness you put in your work. I can`t wait for my next pair already.

Alina Rădulescu - Okinawa (Japan)

"What a beautiful way to start the day... my Josefinas have arrived, they are great and very comfortable, as soon as you put them on. They are just like I imagined they would be. I loved the bag and the soap, so tasteful!"

Paula Pardal - Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)

"I received my first Atlantic Blue Josefinas yesterday! I LOVE THEM! They're beautiful, they make your foot look gorgeous and elegant. Thank you for the excellent service, as well as the beauty and delicacy of the Josefinas and their packaging! I'm anxious for the weekend, so I can debut them."

Sónia Santos e Silva - Macau (China)

“I just received my Atlantic Blue ballerinas.
I'm speechless... I was thrilled to see them, for various reasons and motives. First, because I’m happy I decided to exchange them, then because they are beautifully designed. The finishes are perfect, you guessed my tastes. These ballerinas are different from the others!
My 2 ½ year old son was delighted and so happy to observe and smell the mini soap that you had the delicacy and sensitivity to re-send me.
I can only thank you for existing and for doing such beautiful work, which glorifies our country. My heart is full...“

Catarina Gomes - Queiriga (Portugal)

"My Josefinas Luanda have arrived!!!! They exceeded all my expectations!!! I was amazed!!!!! Beautiful!!!
Once again... Thank you for your friendly service and for the quality, simplicity and elegance that you imprint on your product!! I'm your fan one hundred percent... I'm sure I’ll always be able to save up some extra money... and I know where I’ll invest it!!! A beautiful pair of ballerinas always looks great and lifts our soul!
A hug from Caldas da Rainha... I’m 'evangelizing' my friends...
Greetings and talk to you soon!"

Elisabete - Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)

"I just wanted to say that I received my Josefinas!
I loved everything and they fit like a glove! Let’s see where they take me! :))
Thank you and congratulations!"

Ana Miranda - Lisbon (Portugal)

"I loved my Josefinas, from the color (Goa yellow) to their comfort, without forgetting the sweet soap that was gifted."

Eugénia Moura - Vila Praia de Âncora (Portugal)

"My Josefinas Luanda arrived and again I'm completely enchanted!
I’m even more delighted because they are a Portuguese product and, in my opinion, truly refined, starting with its presentation, where small details are transformed into big ones. Although I have not worn them yet (they just arrived a little while ago), I hope to wear them soon and I’m sure I’ll be getting another pair of Josefinas too. My sincere congratulations, your success is well deserved! With my Josefinas, I'll be going everywhere! :) "

Diana Alves - Paços de Brandão (Portugal)

"I really like the ballet flats and their blue color corresponds in fact to the deep blue of the Azores islands, especially Pico, where I return every year. I'm certain I’ll have a wonderful time with them."

Maria - Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)

"My Josefinas just arrived and they are beautiful, perfect, they brightened up this gray day!"

Maria - Santo Varão (Portugal)

"I appreciate all the care that was put into shipping my order, as well as the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated.
This project has everything to be a success.
I really enjoyed the quality of your work. Congratulations! "

Maria Gomes - Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)

"I just received my new Josefinas, just as beautiful as the other pair.
Thank you for the soap as well, it smells wonderful.
MERRY CHRISTMAS and may all your success continue."

Maria - Parede

"I received my Josefinas, «a Portuguese love», with values and with the excellence of what is made in Portugal. Congratulations on the great taste, the presentation, the refinement and on your immense professionalism, filled with «savoir faire». My daughter is going to order another pair for herself. And me, well I’m already thinking about my next pair."

Maria Amália Brincano - Oeiras

"I adore them and loved all the attention devoted to the order, from the bag that accompanies it to the soap that was gifted.
So worth it :) I wish you much luck in this project that makes me even more proud because it is a national one."

Ana - Horta

"I received my Josefinas yesterday and I’m very pleased. They are really beautiful and comfortable. Congratulations and I’m looking forward to the new collection."

Paula Lemos Costa - Oporto

"They have arrived!!!!
38 is exactly my size!
I loved them. I am charging my phone’s battery so I can take a picture and send them to you… beautiful.
Thank you and see you soon."

Maria de Fátima Galhardas - Elvas (Portugal)

"My wife simply adored the pair I gave her. If all business was conducted in the way you do it there would not be any financial crisis!"

Nigel Martin Anteney - Lagoa (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas and loved them. I'm thrilled. I congratulate you on the delicate package, the box that transports them, and the beautiful and perfect ballerinas. Everything is of extreme great taste."

Ana Andrade - Coruche (Portugal)

“For demanding, fashionable, exclusive people, who also enjoy comfort... It could only be Josefinas.”

Tiago - Lisbon (Portugal)

"I loved my Josefinas! I think I was convinced even before I saw them, with all the package’s delightful details. Size 40 is perfect, and I'm very happy when I make purchases that support national production from the 1st to the last minute, as is the case!"

Rita - Santarém (Portugal)

"We just received our Josefinas! They’re gorgeous and incredibly comfortable. They are going to be great work companions on a daily basis."

Rita and Tatiana - Lisbon (Portugal)

"I’m simply writing to tell you that I received my Josefinas and that I loved them :)
Very comfortable and so light!

Congratulations on your work, keep it up! I'm actually already thinking about the next pair I'm going to buy."

Claudia Morgado - Lisbon (Portugal)

"I received my Josefinas! They are beautiful! Elegant! Comfortable!
Congratulations on your distinct brand Filipa!
I will be very proud to say that the Josefinas are yours, a Portuguese
brand by a Portuguese creator!
I’ll let you know where my Josefinas will take me!”

Marta Felino - Lisbon (Portugal)

"The Josefinas arrived yesterday, but I only got my daughter’s feedback today. She loved them and they look great on her, and the detail of the adjustable tie, in her case, is fantastic because she has a small and lean foot. We loved the entire package and the little soap favor."

Teresa Costa - Lisbon (Portugal)

"Recebi a encomenda, muito obrigada, as Josefinas são fantásticas, lindas de muito boa qualidade e excelente trabalho.
Fico vossa cliente!"

Fernanda Torres - Paris (França)

“I just received my order and size 40 was indeed the right decision. I loved the service, your attention, and especially the ballerina flats and their beautiful box :) Even though I won’t be going out anymore today, they are already on my feet and will definitely be part of tomorrow’s outfit.

Thank you for everything. And although I initially had many doubts about spending so much money on a pair of shoes, now I'm sure it was an excellent decision. The Josefinas are beautiful, comfortable, high quality and Portuguese.

I can’t wait to see the Fall/Winter collection."

Leonor Fontura - Lisbon (Portugal)

I received my order and I loved it! My Josefinas fit perfectly and are exactly what I expected. Besides that, they were a big hit here in the office!!!!

Inês van Zeller Macedo - Oporto (Portugal)

"I just received my sabrinas and they are beautiful! Loved everything, the box, the pouch and the scented soap. Congratulations on your initiative, you are proof that what is national is good! I don’t think I'll be sticking with only one pair of Josefinas..."

Ana Isabel Teixeira - Oporto (Portugal)

"My Josefinas lead me to good stories! Beautiful, lightweight and super comfortable, they are great companions in my daily life as a journalist. With them, I’m always ready to face the challenge of the next story!"

Shirley - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

"I have to congratulate you on the excellent work that you have developed with the Josefinas. I received mine yesterday, and could not have been more pleased with the quality and the additional details: excellent taste at its best! Congratulations!"

Ines Santos - Lisboa (Portugal)

"I just received my order. Thank you! I loved the quality and the way they look on my feet. Congratulations on your professionalism, I will most certainly tell all my friends."

Catarina Rosário - Queluz (Portugal)

"I received them yesterday and I looked like a teenager! It was a thrill to open the package and enjoy every single, small detail that makes such a difference! I simply love them! I felt like twirling around with them, just waiting for prince charming. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to someone's life!"

Carla - Coimbra (Portugal)

"My Josefinas arrived safely and perfectly. I was glad they arrived just in time, just before I have to return to Macau because it is there that they will do many miles with me. My little feet will thank you!!! They look great on me and now no one can get them off!! Ahahah ... Thank you for responding so promptly to my request. And thank you for the little treat that came inside the box. It smells soooo good ... Loved the surprise!!

I wish you all the luck in the world for your business and that the Josefinas will travel to every continent, always in a great mood and with a lot of positive energy for those who wear them... mine are going with me to Asia!!"

Carmo - Macau (China)

"I’ve just received my Josefinas and loved everything from the packaging, to the soap, to the bag to store them in and, of course, the Josefinas themselves, which are a treat and extremely soft. Congratulations! I'll be taking my Josefinas to Brazil on vacation."

Luísa Ribeiro - Carcavelos (Portugal)

I have 2 pairs of Josefinas and I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the material and the delicacy of the design. Congratulations on the idea and the concept, which were so well implemented.

Susana Trindade - Mafra (Portugal)

The Josefinas not only fulfilled all my expectations, but completely surpassed them. Each detail is beautiful and delicate. Grateful for the attention, professionalism and friendliness.

Susana Moura Belo - Viseu (Portugal)

Thank you for the quality of Josefinas. Beautiful, comfortable and convenient, even for 'chubbier' feet.
It is an honor to be able to buy a great product and... made in Portugal!!! I placed my order on Monday (after reading the article in 'Notícias Magazine') and I received them today, Wednesday. The packaging is very beautiful and comes with a very practical bag to store Josefinas, as well as a lovely bar of soap for the customers. It’s these little 'treats' that distinguish and establish loyalty.

Luísa Silva - Oporto (Portugal)

I just received my first Josefinas! They are even more beautiful than they appeared to be. I would also like to thank you for the 'Confiança treat' that came with them. Be sure that I will wear them with pride and love!

Dina Rocha - Ílhavo (Portugal)

“The Josefinas are fantastic! I’m addicted to ballet flats (only the ones with ties that actually work)… and I must confess that when I first saw the Josefinas at the Coolares market I thought they were a bit square at the front, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt because I simply adored the marketing and communication… So, I just want to say that I’ve surrendered and that I absolutely love my Josefinas :)”

Carla Caetano - Lisbon (Portugal)

“I received them at the beginning of the week and I’m extremely satisfied!
Thank you for your dedicated attention and effort.”

Ana Pereira - Porto Salvo (Portugal)

“I’m surprised they are so beautiful and so well made… and proud they are Portuguese, of course! I really love them and know that I will wear them often! I also think that I’ll be buying another pair very soon… :)”

Ana Luísa - Lisbon (Portugal)

“After a 14 hour workday, coming home and having a pair of Josefinas waiting for me, made all my fatigue disappear… simply perfect.”

Cátia Fonseca - Alfândega da Fé (Portugal)

“They’re beautiful and the leather is so, so soft! Simply delicious!”

Sandra Alves - Oporto (Portugal)

"They’re beautiful and fit perfectly. I’m extremely happy with them! Thank you and congratulations on the brand and the quality!"

Filipa Jalles - Lisbon (Portugal)

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Josefinas yesterday! I LOVE THEM!

Marta Marcelo - Lisbon (Portugal)

“I loved the Josefinas, the box, everything!”

Rita Lacerda - Lisbon (Portugal)

"They're gorgeous and every single detail is of extreme great taste."

Ana Maria Palha - Lisbon (Portugal)

“I’d like to take the opportunity to say that they are really, really beautiful, comfortable, low-cut and soft, just as I like them! Marvelous! Nice work girls.”

Fátima Santos - Oporto (Portugal)

"Excellent quality and all the details are charming.
And, just as I said, size 39 is perfect! Here at home, the girls have surrendered themselves to
the Josefinas and I'm tempted to buy the beige ones as well.
Congratulations on the quality and much success for your brand."

Catarina Relvas - Lisbon (Portugal)