Because a party is always a good reason to be with a friend. You!
Inspired by a story where the main character is a strong woman: you!
Marie Antoinette
“Good Morning” said Marie Antoinette!
Dream Big
Dream Big and Break Free
Mother & Daughter
I’ll be there for you, and I know you’ll be there for me
Lado B
with Power Stickers
Power Woman
I’m a Woman and I’m F****** Proud of It
Josefinas Audrey
If you can dream it, you can make it.
Lady Dragon
A powerful edition
The B Side continues...
B side
with faux fur accessories
Celebrate your uniqueness
Women for women
The power of women's friendship
A colorful walk between black and white.
1001 nights
The most luxurious adventure yet
Winter Wonderland
A magical winter adventure
A journey into a ballerina’s imaginary.
Special Edition
Josefinas will be forever present in the most special moments of your life.
Collection Nº 1
Where do your Josefinas take you?