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About josefinas

A journey to South Africa… Josefinas Safari are a part of the No.1 Collection, handcrafted and with an unparalleled magic. The No.1 Collection takes us to a past filled with history and a present with significance. Where do your Josefinas Safari take you?

We are always on the quest for the best, and we found it in the past. We’re obsessed with savoir-faire. Each and every pair is hand crafted by master shoemakers just for you, making each pair unique and special.

More details about Josefinas Safari:

• 'Safari' leather
• Interior lining in leather
• Leather sole
• Adjustable cord
• Handmade in Portugal


Sílvia Alberto
Lisbon (Portugal)

The best present: my first Josefinas!

Susana Moura Belo
Viseu (Portugal)

The Josefinas not only fulfilled all my expectations, but completely surpassed them. Each detail is beautiful and delicate. Grateful for the attention, professionalism and friendliness.