06 May 2020
5 Gifts for the women of the future
Investing in a girl's future is the best investment to make to fight poverty in the world.
5 Gifts for the women of the future

Girls who go to school are healthier, earn more money as adults, marry later, and make their children's education a priority as well. Education is an investment that pays off now and in future generations.

Children are the future. They are the representation of innocence, purity, genuineness. Not all children have the right to be children, and in many countries girls are heavily discriminated against just because they were born girls. That is why it is important to invest in the education of the women of the future – it is the most powerful weapon to fight injustice.

We have collected 5 gift suggestions that, in one way or another, advocate feminist values, support the change of mentalities, and help future women achieve their goals – not to mention they are indeed extraordinary gifts for the girls in our lives!

Josefinas Sweet, Sweet Love

Available for baby, girls and mothers, aunts or friends, Sweet, Sweet Love is a meaningful collection. Each pair of Josefinas contemplates 2 tender bears handmade by Portuguese master jewelers, in silver and with a real pearl, and by buying the Sweet, Sweet Love Edition you are ensuring a better future for the daughters of many mothers.

In some countries in conflict, the school infrastructure is precarious and dangerous for the children's development. In partnership with CARE, we have a mission to build a girls-only school, because we know that the best investment that can be made to fight poverty in the world is in educating a girl.

'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls'

May's first suggestion at the Josefinas' Book Club is 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' - a book that came to revolutionize the bedtime stories, a moment several generations truly appreciate.

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo created a series of modern tales - properly illustrated by 60 highly talented women - and gave life to a very special children's book. In 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' 100 women who have transformed - and still transform - the world into a better place are highlighted.

Josefinas Tenderness Love

Another edition especially created for mothers and daughters, that is also available for babies, girls and ladies. Each pair of the Tenderness Blue Edition features 2 medals engraved with a care bear and represents the right to childhood and education.

Did you know that without school uniforms children in deprived countries cannot have access to education? They are mandatory – currently 32 million girls are prevented from going to school. Thousands of families can not bear these costs, and countless girls are left without a future. For each Tenderness Blue purchase, in partnership with CARE, 2 girls in Africa will receive uniforms, taking a step towards a better future.

Brave Ladies Who Changed the World: A Coloring Book

Playing and coloring can be great excuses for younger generations to get to know some of the bravest women in our history.

This coloring book is presented as a tribute to the women who fought for what they believed and who opened doors so that today we can be closer to gender equality.

A visit to a museum, gallery, or exhibition!

And why not learn during a visit? There are hundreds of spectacular locations ready to welcome you and, depending on the age of the child, a visit to a particular museum or exhibition can mean the world!

We believe that the time we devote to our children is decisive for their education and intellectual development (and not only!) so an afternoon of mother/aunt/friend and daughter/niece/friend, while learning about a topic that already arouses some curiosity, will be a good bet. Have fun!