28 Jun 2023
Inês da Fonseca
“With the creation of this project, I intend to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of women in all their femininity, using the shades of the brand that already reveal it."
 Inês da Fonseca

Originally from Lisbon and holding a postgraduate degree in Design from IADE Creative University, Inês da Fonseca embarked on her career as an art director in Lisbon. Later, she moved to London, where she lived for five years, enriching her personal and professional development. Over the course of eight years, she worked in advertising agencies, including Ogilvy and McCann WorldGroup.

Currently, she is a full-time illustrator, a role she carries out while never forgetting her roots. Her experience always leads her to seek a balance between illustration, design, and art direction. As an illustrator, Inês da Fonseca has published sixteen children's books in Portugal, Brazil, the UK, and the US. She also created and fully developed the graphic design for a children's magazine in the UK.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Inês leads children's workshops with the aim of fostering creativity and self-confidence through artistic expression. Her versatile journey is also highlighted by the inclusion of her works in exhibitions at Gabriel Fine Arts galleries in London and Merc'art in Lisbon.


Inês da fonseca


Inês da Fonseca, a passionate artist, finds her true expression through illustration, where she focuses on the enchanting world of children with themes of love and spirituality. Always seeking new artistic paths, she recently discovered the power of writing, seamlessly blending it with her artistic illustrations. Inês's expressive style, reminiscent of naive purity, exudes a gentle, feminine, and maternal spirit, delivering a message of unity, love, and acceptance.


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