15 Aug 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Frances Dean who Loved to Dance and Dance
A recommendation for our little readers.

If you often share your reading moments with little kids, this is a winning suggestion to add to your library.

The illustrations from “Frances Dean who Loved to Dance and Dance” are so beautiful and its story so clear, that reading it with a child becomes such a fun moment, you'll love to keep up with Frances Dean's adventures.

Birgitta Sif has done an extraordinary job and every page is a work of art. Wonderful illustrations, short sentences, and a very special message: it is possible to overcome the fear of what others will think.

This is the book that reminds all children (and adults, as well), that the world is a much more beautiful place when we share our individuality, that it is normal to be afraid, but that all our talents and qualities contribute to a richer world.

After all, we all have something good to share with others, and we must do so - just like Frances Dean.