15 Dec 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Girls Can Do It, Too! / Boys Can Do It, Too!
The last suggestion of 2021 in the #JosefinasBookClub is also an excellent gift for the little ones this Christmas.

Yes, this book has two versions of the same story and a single mission: to explain the little ones, in a very simple way, that despite the aesthetic and biological differences between girls and boys, there are no limits in terms of what they can do (as long as they wish!).

Through colorful illustrations (quite beautiful and contemporary), the meaning of “Feminism” stands out on each page, showing children (and reminding adults) that they can choose what to do, dream about any profession, and play with their favorite games. Everything is possible – for girls and boys!

The second half of December leaves us with almost no time to read (right?), so, this time, we're sharing a simple book that is also an excellent Christmas gift for children back home.

If books are doors to new worlds, “Girls Can Do It, Too! / Boys Can Do It, Too!” is also a good opportunity to discuss everyday situations, break down stereotypes, and ensure that gender does not have to limit play, activities, professions, and dreams.


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