15 Sep 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: The Time in Between
In September, we welcome María Dueñas and her first novel, which introduces us to a fearless and resilient protagonist.
Josefinas' Book Club: The Time in Between

When books combine the talent of their author with the strong female characters that emerge from her imagination, magic happens - “The Time in Between” gathers these ingredients without forgetting the mystery that holds us onto the story.

Between fiction and true facts, María Dueñas introduces us to Sira Qiroga, a young Spanish seamstress, who is faced with a difficult situation, abroad and away from her loved ones, without money, without a home, with debts that are not hers, and a threat of arrest. This is the premise for change, and Sira embraces it with thimble and needle in hand, discovering a hidden talent for the transmission of confidential information.

In a note to the readers, María Dueñas reveals that the book required a lot of research and investigation, and when we start our reading we understand why: the events of “The Time in Between” take place during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, so this “documentary” feature is very important for the reading experience.

“The time in Between” is a novel, yes, but it tells us a lot about our past as a society, about women's rights, and the importance of reinvention and adaptation in the face of adversity. Sira, Rosalinda Fox and other women who cross paths with the main character are the reason for this recommendation in the Josefinas' Book Club.


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