01 Dec 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Women & Power: A Manifesto
In December, the first suggestion of the Josefinas’ Book Club is by one of the most respected and well-known contemporary historians, Mary Beard.

This is a feminist manifesto based on two lectures given by Mary Beard some years before the publication of the book.

Throughout “Women & Power”, Mary traces the origins of misogyny since ancient times, demonstrating that this hatred continues to have stage and voice in our days. The author presents numerous examples of how women were excluded from leadership roles.

Mentioning Medusa and Philomena, but also modern-day women, such as Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton, Mary Beard reflects on the female role and the need to update its structure so that female power is recognized in today's society.

If it’s true that we live in a free and democratic world, it’s also true that patriarchal rigor remains. And it’s in “Women & Power” that the author analyzes the past, showing how male culture is reflected in our days, and how women in politics often (too often!) need to adapt or even change (their behaviors, clothing, and other aspects!) to achieve the respect they deserve.


A necessary and powerful reading, which makes us reflect on the society to which we belong – and which we really want to discuss with you!

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