25 Feb 2022
Josefinas for Emily (in Paris)
Emily Cooper is always on top of trends. She knows how to mix colors, patterns, and even styles. Which pairs of Josefinas would best match her style?

She arrived in Europe with a return date on the agenda, but found herself home in Paris, despite the adversities of arriving in a country without knowing the language or traditions. Emily Cooper, portrayed by Lily Collins in “Emily in Paris”, made us dream of a trip to the city of love and showed that, when it comes to the fashion world, there are no rules. After all, we must wear what we like, regardless of what others think.

Which Josefinas would Emily chose for each occasion?




All these pairs of Josefinas are waiting for you HERE. They are created by hand, by master shoemakers and craftsmen, especially for each order. What are your favorites?