02 May 2022
The Tiptoe Collection has a few novelties!
There are three new colors to discover in the elegant collection of pointy Josefinas.

In genuine leather, Josefinas Tiptoe take you on an elegant journey through the Portuguese savoir-faire and praise the love and dedication of our master shoemakers.

Launched exactly a year ago, the Tiptoe Collection quickly stole the hearts of our dear customers and became an almost instant hit, filling our sales tops, month after month. The Tiptoe collection, where the love put into each creation is multiplied among the most classic colors and the most irreverent options, now has 12 different colors and patterns.



Josefinas Tiptoe White, Josefinas Tiptoe Yala and Josefinas Tiptoe Frost are the new bets, which join the 9 original releases.



Josefinas Tiptoe White created for all the brides who do not neglect comfort, especially on their most special day, bring to the collection the elegant and timeless color of pearls. In the same collection, they stand out for their equally delicate shades, Josefinas Tiptoe Beige and Josefinas Tiptoe Rose.



Those in love with patterns and textures can now find 4 ideal pairs in the Tiptoe collection: Josefinas Tiptoe Sunrise, Josefinas Tiptoe Dots and Josefinas Tiptoe Bessie, are joined by Josefinas Tiptoe Yala - inspired by the natural beauty of Sri Lanka's Yala National Park, which is home to more than a hundred leopards and lends its name to the new pattern that joins the collection.



Finally, the new Josefinas Tiptoe Frost bring to the collection a new blue shade – which joins Josefinas Tiptoe Waterfall and Josefinas Tiptoe Blue - bringing to this collection a fresh tone that takes us back to the happiest memories of a summer evening.



The motto of the collection remains, and we stress it: the new colors are another step in the direction of creating your own path. Do it with no fear, step by step! After all, the most difficult thing will be to choose a favorite pair, right?