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27 Jan 2022
ThePinkBond days are coming!
From February 1st to 10th, members of ThePinkBond, Josefinas' private club, will have access to special prices, exclusive offers, and other surprises.
30 Dec 2021
In 2022, do we walk together?
2021 was an exciting year, and we had the privilege of living extraordinary moments side by side with people who
23 Nov 2021
Josefinas at Winter Market Stylista!
Next weekend, from 10 AM to 7 PM, we'll be at Winter Market Stylista, in FIARTIL, Estoril.
26 Oct 2021
Katty Xiomara and Josefinas together at Portugal Fashion
Katty Xiomara showed that it is possible to achieve an elegant and feminine look without resorting to high heels.
13 Oct 2021
The most valuable ballerinas in the world are in Vila Nova de Gaia
Josefinas Persian Blue Salt are now part of the permanent exhibition of the Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum.
30 Sep 2021
Come meet us at the Fall Market Stylista!
On October 9th and 10th, we will be in Estoril! Which pair of Josefinas would you like to try?
18 May 2021
See you in Lisbon?
We will finally return to our beautiful capital city at the end of May. Mark in your calendar and let
28 Dec 2017
Josefinas’ first pop-up in Portugal
All paths lead to Lisbon. And that’s why we took Josefinas there! On the 9th and 10th of December, Josefinas’
06 Apr 2017
A different day for Samson, the biggest cat in New York
Hello, humans and furry friends. My name is Samson – also known as Catstradamus on social media – and I’m
21 Mar 2017
March 8, a day that reminds all women how much we still have to fight to just be women. Not
22 Feb 2017
Josefinas x Jaydee
At the beggining of New York Fashion Week, Josefinas hosted an event dedicated to all women. The event #ProudToBeAWoman took
30 Jan 2017
Women´s March: we can, we will!
01/21/2017, 4 AM: Time to leave the house, with all the determination one can muster, headed to Washington, D.C. –
19 Jan 2017
The first #ProudToBeAWoman Talk of 2017
At Josefinas’ New York flagship, the year started off in the very best way. On January 12, Meika Hollender, Co-Founder
24 Nov 2016
Josefinas step the Tedx stage
Maria Cunha, woman entrepreneur and Chief Officer of Dreams of Josefinas, believes in changing the world through women empowerment. Live
02 Nov 2016
Tea for ten? Yes, please.
On a chilly autumn day nothing better than tea to warm our hearts. And better if we have extraordinary women
31 Oct 2016
The First #ProudToBeAWoman Talk
We believe in the power of women and we believe that a woman’s success is the success of other women
12 Sep 2016
Now that was a pawty!
We love cats. But yet again, who doesn’t?! We got together with other cat lovers and had the most amazing
04 Jul 2016
Yes, it’s true. Josefinas is going to open its first flagship store.
Yes, it’s true. Josefinas is going to open its first flagship store. We’ve been asked for a while now “When
30 Mar 2016
Josefinas in a International Fashion Exhibition
March was fashion month for Josefinas. After turning heads at all the international Fashion Weeks, Josefinas continued on to London
26 Nov 2014
Josefinas Wins Mercúrio Award 2014
After being nominated two years in a row, Filipa Júlio, founder of Josefinas, took home the Mercúrio Award for Best
03 Jul 2014
Josefinas is a part of Instagram's Story
Josefinas is the first Portuguese brand to be considered an important part of Instagram's story, by the social network itself