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26 Oct 2021
Katty Xiomara and Josefinas together at Portugal Fashion
Katty Xiomara showed that it is possible to achieve an elegant and feminine look without resorting to high heels.
25 Oct 2021
Who was Amelia Earhart?
It’s impossible to sum up a life so full of achievements and successes, but here is our attempt to do
19 Oct 2021
Zooey Deschanel takes Josefinas to the Emmy
I spy with mt little eye: Josefinas Cheshire Cat at the Emmy Awards!
15 Oct 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: VOX
The deafening silence of the dystopian universe created by Christina Dalcher.
13 Oct 2021
The most valuable ballerinas in the world are in Vila Nova de Gaia
Josefinas Persian Blue Salt are now part of the permanent exhibition of the Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum.
12 Oct 2021
There is a new autumn color in the Square collection
The new Josefinas Square Red Wine are a delight inspired by an autumn stroll around the Douro vineyards.
01 Oct 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: The Girl From the Sea
Like all children's tales by Sophia de Mello Breyner, “The Girl From the Sea” is a wonderful story about love
30 Sep 2021
Come meet us at the Fall Market Stylista!
On October 9th and 10th, we will be in Estoril! Which pair of Josefinas would you like to try?
23 Sep 2021
Your everyday go-to bag: The Bucket Bag
In our latest collection, we celebrate the individuality of each woman and the savoir-faire of national artisans.
15 Sep 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: The Time in Between
In September, we welcome María Dueñas and her first novel, which introduces us to a fearless and resilient protagonist.
01 Sep 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: The Soul of a Woman
With Isabel Allende's stamp, this book focuses on the feminist movement and the reasons why the author relates to it.
25 Aug 2021
The most desired color has come to the Power Lunch!
A new color in the lunch bag that makes meals away from home much more elegant.
15 Aug 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Frances Dean who Loved to Dance and Dance
A recommendation for our little readers.
01 Aug 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Feminist Fight Club
In her first book, Jessica Bennett shares an “office survival manual (for a sexist workplace).”
22 Jul 2021
Exclusive ThePinkBond: Josefinas Marie Antoinette Slide CrocBurgundy
This pair of Josefinas is perfect for summer and is only available to members of ThePinkBond!
15 Jul 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: The Garden of Small Beginnings
Summer days call for reading sessions in the garden, right?
06 Jul 2021
Everything you need to know about our greatest news ever!
05 Jul 2021
Today we celebrate our 8th anniversary!
And it's thanks to you that we continue to dream, create, and work for a better world.
01 Jul 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: I am, I am, I am
Maggie O'Farrell shares seventeen encounters with death in this book.
30 Jun 2021
Together we are stronger... and this is the proof!
We couldn't be more grateful for your generosity. This was the result of the solidarity initiative for Npili School.
28 Jun 2021
New colors have arrived to the Marie Antoinette Collection!
Josefinas Marie Antoinette Slide are now available in two neutral and versatile shades, ideal for any summer adventure.