11 Nov 2020
5 Josefinas of Your Dreams For This Christmas
Did you know that some Josefinas have gemstones and details that take days to be created?
5 Josefinas of Your Dreams For This Christmas

Each pair of Josefinas is handmade especially for each order, and that gives them an unparalleled magic. In this article, we’ll show you 5 magical pairs of Josefinas, with luxury details.


Josefinas Blue Persian Salt

These are the most expensive ballerinas in the world. The Josefinas Blue Persian Salt are the masterpiece of the 1001 Nights Collection, a trip to the Middle East where the most exquisite and luxurious stories and fables exist. Inspired by the rarity and the beauty of the blue salt, the Josefinas Blue Persian Salt are a unique piece, combining the savoir-faire of the master shoemakers with the savoir-faire of jewelry.

In the blue velvet ballerinas, gold pendants with blue topazes stand out sparkling with each step. This is the most precious of the journeys and it’s done in a box full of meaning!


Josefinas Audrey

The Josefinas Audrey have real pearls, carefully selected and hand-sewn on the golden embroidery that embellishes this black pair of Josefinas.

This edition is handmade by master shoemakers, that take their time to create the perfect pair of shoes. Because beautiful things take time to flourish, the Josefinas Audrey take up to 4 weeks to be created especially for you. Because only time creates extraordinary things.


Josefinas Rose Bold

A special Edition, limited to 20 pairs of sneakers, in a collection to pay tribute to Rosa Parks. The Josefinas Rose Bold Silver’s flowers are handmade, for over more than a day, and represent all the care and dedication that we put in each pair of Josefinas.

Perfect for women who love the comfort of a pair of sneakers!


Josefinas 5 Pearls

The Josefinas 5 Pearls were inspired by a Winter day in Serra da Estrela. We used real pearls, natural leather, and burel to handcraft these unique boots, perfect for those cold days’ walks, and this year they are available in two colors: the classic gray or the irreverent bordeaux!

Which one is your favorite?


Josefinas Dragon Lady

The Dragon Lady Speacial Edition is the symbol of the women power. This special edition is dedicated to all women who fight for their dreams every day, who don’t give up, who don’t resign, who strive to be heard. Each pair of Josefinas Dragon Lady is unique and special, handmade by master shoemakers, exclusively for you, and travel to your door in a box (also handmade) with a flowery interior.


Find out our special editions in https://josefinas.com/special-edition