27 Jun 2023
Giulia Caruso
“The colours and mix of patterns reflect calm and delicate natural elements that contrast with an elegant lid, enhancing the experience of purchasing such a special high quality product.”
Giulia Caruso

Giulia Caruso, born into an Italian family, has also lived in Africa and developed an insatiable curiosity and love for different cultures from an early age. With a passion for culture, philosophy, fashion, and art, she pursued studies in fashion styling and media and cultural studies in Italy and London, respectively. Her adventurous spirit led her to travel the world, explore the film industry in Paris, and share her artistic knowledge as an art teacher in Italy. Since settling in Ibiza with her family, Giulia's art has taken on a new direction. Dividing her time between creating gallery-worthy pieces and crafting commissioned portraits, she brings a unique and tailored approach to her work. Giulia's deep understanding and interpretation of her subjects make her art truly exceptional, attracting customers from around the world who seek her artistic expertise for personal portraits.

Giulia Caruso's art is a vibrant reflection of her love for Ibiza and her extensive background in fashion editorials. Drawing inspiration from multiculturalism and the island's organic elements, her works feature seasonal fruits, trees, and insects. Through a skillful blend of mixed media, including paper, markers, watercolors, and gold leaf, Giulia's female portraits vividly express the emotional depths and inherent experiences of her subjects.


Giulia Caruso


As a creative force, Giulia strives to amplify the feminine energy that prevails in Ibiza. Working with patterns and drawing inspiration from textiles, the women in her portraits encapsulate the culmination of her past experiences. The recurring color palette serves as a vibrant homage to the hues and essence of the island.


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