15 Feb 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: Ghosts
We come back to Dolly Alderton's writing, and, in February, we read the author's first fiction work.

The success of “Ghosts” is quite easy to explain. Dolly Alderton has an appealing writing and left the world surrendered to her first book – this one, which was also featured in our Book Club in 2020! – reason why she took her chances on a very current and common theme in her first fictional experience.

“Ghosts” portrays what it's like to be single in your 30s. Even if we don't relate to this situation, we can easily identify a friend or family member in Dolly's words... And this familiarity is what draws our attention.

It's based on this reality that the author introduces Nina, a food critic who, having ended a seven-year relationship, deals with her father's first signs of dementia, and struggles with a mother who lives in denial.

Photo by @apaperbacklife_ via Instagram

The title “Ghosts” is a reference to the reality of today, shaped by dating apps and unexpected disappearances. Yes, because if, to the pressure of society, we add the ghostly factor... finding someone can be challenging.

This is a light reading to reflect on and share with the women around us–they will certainly understand Nina's life.


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